Linen & Lingerie Shower Invitations

Nighties and teddies…a little silk bra.  All are sure to make the groom say ooh la la! She’s getting married…and for sure she’ll want to spice up her honeymoon with something new for each night of fun – whether it’s sweet and frilly, sassy or racy and lacy!  Linen and lingerie themed showers are becoming more and more popular in the bridal world whether it’s the complete bridal shower theme or a theme tacked onto the bride’s bachelorette party.  Just make sure your bride is comfortable with this type of shower…it’s not for the shy or timid!

When hosting a lingerie shower many hosts will add on linens to the shower theme so that the bride receives a variety of gifts for not only the bedroom but for the bath or her linen closet as well.  This is also great for guests who may not be comfortable lingerie shopping for the bride.  Check with the bride ahead of time to see if she’d like her measurements given out to guests to ensure proper sizing…but be sensitive to her if she doesn’t want her cup size printed on her invitation.  Word of mouth is usually best.  If your shower is a younger, crazy crowd, you may want to have a fun activity like design your own underwear or thong with jewels, rhinestone words or paints to make and take home with you.  You can also spice things up a bit with a ‘bedroom’ expert to come in with advice, ideas and products.  Great ice breakers and a way to really get your guests giggling!  Be sure to offer your guests some posh cocktails, too.

Set the scene for your spicy shower with a linen and lingerie bridal shower invitation.  Our lingerie shower invitations range from simple and sweet with bathroom and linen scenes to racy and sultry with lingerie drawings, die-cut lingerie cut-outs and wigglers, brides wearing lingerie and animal prints.  Whatever her bridal and bedroom style, there’s a perfect invitation awaiting.  Below we feature some of our most popular lingerie shower invitations.  The first is our Bridal Nightie invitation from Paper so Pretty which features a delicate blue patterned background card with a black and white nightie.  A little secret?  The top of the lingerie is a die-cut wiggler which makes her top wiggle around.  Totally trendy and adorable…okay and a bit racy!  Our other lingerie designs feature the bride at her best in a black lingerie number drinking a cocktail, a lingerie mannequin surrounded by gifts and a blonde bride standing among an array of animal print lingerie on mannequins.

Ready to spice her bridal shower up a bit?  Check out our sultry lingerie shower invitations and help the groom smile on his wedding and honeymoon nights…

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