Holiday Hostess Gifts

Heading to a holiday party empty handed and feeling rather uncomfortable about it?  You’re not alone.  A hostess gift is one of those things that people are always confused or conflicted over, etiquette-wise.  When exactly should you bring a hostess gift?  How much should you spend?  What should you give?  Is everyone expected to bring a gift?

If you are attending a large holiday party and are unacquainted with the hostess, it is acceptable not to bring a hostess gift.  However, if you are going to a close gathering with family and friends, you should bring a small gift for the hostess.  Your hostess gift can be small, and does not need to be an extravagant or expensive purchase.  Some of the most popular hostess gifts are a plant, bottle of wine, flowers or a gift card.  If it is a close friend, you should consider that hostesses personality and likes when purchasing the hostess gift.  Remember to give a gift that is low-maintenance – meaning if you bring flowers, have them pre-arranged in a vase so that the hostess doesn’t have to step away from her hostess duties to fix the flowers.

Thinking you need something a bit more unique for a hostess gift?  At we’ve got you covered for hostess gifts this holiday season.  Check out some of these great hostess gift ideas below…

Personalized Holiday Ornaments – If you are aware of your party a few weeks ahead of time, a personalized hostess gift is a great idea. has teamed up with Personalized Memories to provide you with an array of holiday gift items that you can personalize for your hostess.  This Merry Christmas ornament on our left features your hostesses name, your names and the holiday year you’re celebrating.  The hostess and her family will be able to hang it on their Christmas tree and remember your gift for years to come.  This item is available in ten different designs to coordinate with the hostess from penguins to Christmas trees to reindeer, stockings or snow.


Self-Inking Snap Stamps by Noteworthy Collections – A perfect gift for the fabulous gift-giver, the Noteworthy Collections Snap stamp gift box is a perfect hostess gift when you’re not exactly sure what the hostess is interested in.  These self-inking stamps feature a fun box with a snap stamp inside which allows for over 9,000 different stamp face designs that the hostess can pick on her own!  Inside the box is a coupon code, (pre-purchased) which will take the hostess to our dedicated stamper website to personalize her own stamp face with her desired design and text and receive free shipping on the stamp face.  The hostess can then go back on her own and order multiple different stamp faces for just $19.99 so that she can use her stamper all year long on holiday party envelopes, gifts, letter head, mail correspondence or party favors.

Collegiate Pottery – Got a college fanatic as a host or hostess?  One of the coolest gift items we offer at is our collection of collegiate pottery from Magnolia Lane.  We offer an array of collegiate mugs, plates, serving platters, stadium platters, picture frames and notepads for your favorite college, university or college sports team.  Choose from Notre Dame, LSU, UNC, Ohio State, Florida State or University of Michigan, just to name a few.  This fun LSU Christmas plate on our left is perfect for a holiday hostess gift as they can celebrate their alma mater during the holidays as they serve cookies and milk to Santa Clause on their LSU holiday plate.  Remember, some of these items take 1-2 weeks to process, as they are hand-painted by the vendor – so be sure to order in plenty of time for your party.

Got a great hostess gift idea to share?  Please pass on how you made your hostess feel special and appreciated for hosting such a fabulous holiday event for all of your family members and friends to share!

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