Winter Themed Holiday Party Invitations

Have you changed your closet over to your winter wardrobe yet?  The cooler weather is blowing in, (yes, even for us in North Carolina), thus it can only mean that it’s time to start planning your annual holiday event – or start a new tradition by hosting your first-ever holiday party.  If red and green aren’t your thing, or you just want to do something different than your other five friends who are hosting Christmas parties this year, consider hosting a winter wonderland themed party!  A winter themed party allows for a gorgeous color palette of blues, silver metallics and white to work with which can great the most beautiful decor.  It is also great if you have friends celebrating multiple holidays over the winter months, as your party won’t single any specific holiday out more than another.

Set the tone for your holiday event with a winter themed holiday party invitation.  At we offer a plethora of holiday party invitations which celebrate the beauty of the winter months.  Choose from delicate designs with light blue snowflake patterns, filigree snowflake designs or delicately patterned snowflake borders.  For a more bold look, we also have vibrant snowflake themed invitations in a variety of bright modern hues featuring snowflake swirling patterns, snowflake detailed ornaments and snowflake covered cocktails.

When planning your party, start by decorating your room with blue and white details – from silverware wrapped in blue and silver ribbons to blue table cloths and white napkins.  Want to add a little glittery magic?  Sprinkle silver snowflake confetti, (see your local party store), over the table and around your centerpieces and place settings.  Since you’ll be celebrating the cold winter months, serve up some traditional comfort food from a thick potato soup or stew to macaroni and cheese, popcorn balls in snowflake wrappers or fried chicken.  Offer your guests a glass of eggnog upon their arrival or a fun minty winter cocktail.  Serve up some vanilla cupcakes with white frosting for dessert – decorated in a white chocolate snowflake on top.  If it’s snowy outside, host some fun winter activities, whether it’s put the carrot on the snowman, a sledding race or a full-blown snowball fight war!

Ready to chill your friends, family and neighbors with your own winter wonderland holiday party?  Check out these great winter party invitations below to get started planning your very own holiday party…

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