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Kegs & Eggs Party Invitations

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Some people prefer a dash of salt and pepper.  Others a splash of hot sauce or a squeeze of ketchup.  Wait, what’s this now…people are pairing eggs with beer?!  That’s right, we’re talking about a kegs & eggs party!

Being a self-proclaimed stationery snot, I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive an invitation to a themed party that I have never heard of before, (or dreamed of).  Just yesterday I was invited to my first kegs and eggs party and I was a bit confused when I first received this invitation.  Why on earth was this the first time I had ever heard of this party theme, and why hadn’t I come up with it!

After a little bit of research I found out that kegs and eggs parties are very popular with the college crowd.  They involve groups of friends party all night and have breakfast in the morning together or on the contrary is a party that is held the morning before a sporting event.  The host will invite a group of people over before a big college football game for some beer by sunrise accompanied with…well, eggs!  It’s used as a pregame party before the big game – which can never be a bad time.  Set up the corn hole, beer pong, a few kegs and get a fire going as you fry your eggs, bacon and pancakes to warm up and celebrate before the big sporting event.  To say I am excited for my first kegs and eggs party is an understatement!

To set the scene for your unique themed party, create your own kegs and eggs party invitation by choosing a festive beer party invitation from our large collection.  Choose from die-cut beer mugs, beer pong pyramid invitations, keg scene party invitations, glass beer bottles on ice, beer stein invitations or beer bucket invitations…to name a few.  If you’re celebrating a rival football game at your kegs & eggs party, you may even want to choose a collegiate party invitation made with your school’s colors, mascot or logo to make for a spirited party invitation.  We offer invitations for the University of Florida, Georgia Tech, Florida State, UGA, University of Texas, University of  North Caroline, Auburn University, Clemson University and more.

Ask your guests to bring their own brew or offer a few different kegs with different beers.  You can even ask your guests to dress for their favorite team or come over wearing their PJ’s to make the breakfast theme seem more appropriate and comfortable.

Check out some of our fun beer party invitations below and start a new tradition before your college football games with a kegs & eggs party – just please drink safely!