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Choosing a Printing Method for your Party Invitations

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Believe it or not, the type of print method you choose for your invitations says a lot about your style and the formality of your event.  A letterpress printed invitation to a barbecue could lead to a unique black-tie backyard event whereas a casually printed flat printed invitation could lead to blue jeans at a formal company gala.  The type of invitation you choose as well as the invitation’s print method is a clear indication of the event ahead.

So just what type of printing method should you choose for your party, wedding invitations or corporate party invitations?  And what printing method fits in with your budget?  Take a moment to review the print methods below so that you can choose the perfect invitation to set the scene for your upcoming event.

Flat Printing One of the most affordable printing options available, flat printing is similar to the printing you would do from your home printer.  Flat printing is typically done on an ink jet or laser printer in which we take a card stock which is pre-printed with a design and add your text to it.  If you run your fingers over a flat printed invitation you will not feel any sort of raise in your text.   It should be directly flush with the invitation design.  This printing method is perfect for kids party invitations, bridal shower invitations, barbecues or any informal event.

Digital Printing Another extremely affordable printing option, digital printing is done on a large digital printer in which your text and the invitation design are printed at the same time onto large sheets of card stock.  Our printers then cut your cards to size before shipping them to you.  Digital printing gives off an extremely large and bright color palette as well as a slight sheen to the print, (not glossy like a photo, but a slight gloss rather than a matte finish with a flat printed card).  Digital printing is perfect for casual events, photo cards, holiday greeting cards, bridal showers or any party event.

Thermography Printing Thermography is an affordable “upgraded” printing method offered by a few of our prestigious vendors – William Arthur, Checkerboard, Embossed Graphics and Birchcraft Studios.  Thermography is a raised printing done with a heat and powder process in which you can actually feel your text coming off the paper.  This is the most popular printing method used for wedding invitations and formal events.  There is no impression on the back side of the invitation.

Engraving Take your event to the next level with an engraved invitation.  Engraved printing is done with a copper plate which pushes into the back of your card stock causing the text on the front of the card to be raised with ink.  The impression is clearly seen on the back as a sign of elegance and class.  This is one of our most expensive and traditional print methods, exclusively offered by William Arthur.  Engraved invitations are most traditionally used for wedding invitations, galas and extremely formal events.

Letterpress Right along with engraving, letterpress printing is one of the highest methods of printing available.  Your text is made with a depression into a fibrous card stock which is the pure essence of elegance.  The image in the top left portion of the blog is a letterpress invitation.  William Arthur exclusively offers letterpress invitations which are quite pricey, but certainly worth it for the stationery lover and the customer with a larger budget.