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Take the Perfect Family Photo – Tips for Holiday Greeting Cards

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Taking the family photo for your holiday photo greeting cards can be an all day long struggle or battle for any family.  Trying to get the kids to sit still, making sure everyone is smiling or not blinking or getting the pets to actually look at the camera.  It can be a hectic time, especially if you’re taking your own family photograph, (a great money saver for those budget-conscious holiday shoppers).

Need some tips from the pros?  Take some advice below from the photo professionals that get it right every time….

-Coordinate – Coordinate your clothing – Colors that compliment each other are a great way to create a family photograph.  Ask family members to wear different shades of the same color or one element of a common color so that everyone looks in place.

-Set the Scene – When setting up your photograph scene, have everyone sit close together.  You’re a family, thus the closer you sit to one another the more warmth your photo will give off.

-Have fun in your photo. The more real smiles you have the more ‘real’ and together your family appears.  Some of the best holiday greeting cards are ones in action or those where everyone is having a good time in a candid shot.  Not everything needs to be posed.

-Prepare – When preparing to take your photo be sure to check your camera’s settings before you snap the first shot.  Make sure your resolution is set on the highest setting to produce the highest quality photo available.  You may want to skip using the blackberry or iPhone for this one…not matter how good you think the photos will look.

-Use encouraging words! If you get frustrated with your kids, they will get frustrated with you and not want to sit down for their photo.  Encourage them to keep posing by telling them how great they look or how they look just like a super model.  Guaranteed if you make photo time fun, you’ll find the perfect photo to snap!  You can even let the kids come up with their own poses!

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