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Dirty Santa Party Invitations

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Waiiiiit a second…Santa is supposed to bring the gifts – not STEAL them!  We just took holiday party gift exchanges to the next level!  The name of the game is Dirty Santa, or you may have heard it called a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  It seems like Dirty Santa party invitations were the IT item this weekend at Ibox, so I wanted to share.

Dirty Santa is not meant in the literal “dirty” sense, but just gives a different approach to the typical giving Santa that we’ve all grown up to love.  When you host a Dirty Santa party, guests are to bring one gift item to swap with the group.  Set your price limit so that all guests gifts will be from the same genre, (personally I am always the person who walks away with the dollar store gift item when everyone else has a gift from Pottery Barn).  Most of the time with a Dirty Santa gift exchange you set the limit pretty low, think $5.00 – $15.00.  The whole reasoning behind this type of gift-giving party is that if you have a ton of friends to give gifts to during the holidays, you can feel like you’re going broke buying a gift for everyone.  With a gift exchange everyone brings a gift in the same price range and gets a great gift to take home.  Care to make it really eventful?  Put a really low price budget on the gifts and see how creative or funny everyone can get.

As your guests arrive, have them put their gift under the tree.  When you decide to play Dirty Santa, put a number in a hat for each person you have at the party.  The person who picks a 1 goes first.  They select their gift and open it for everyone to see.  Person number two can then “steal” the gift from number 1 or choose a new gift.  Person number three can then “steal” gift 1 or gift 2, or choose a new gift, and so on.  This is one of those games when the person who has the last number is one of the luckiest guests!  Make it more fun by letting number 1 choose after the last person goes, or make a rule that husbands/wives etc. cannot steal each other’s gifts!  It’s a really fun game that everyone will enjoy.

Ready to set the scene for your Dirty Santa party?  Start with a Dirty Santa party invitation from our holiday party invitation collection.  The image in the top left corner of our blog today is from our Jacked Up Santa invitation, which features a whimsical Santa Clause driving away with a reindeer in his green convertible – classic.  Our other Santa themed party invitations feature cartoon Santa faces, Santa hats, city and town scenes decorated for the holidays, gifts and presents, reindeer themes and holiday cocktail themes with Mr. Clause sipping a cocktail with a sultry elf.  Whatever you want the mood of your party to be – from fun and kid-friendly to wild and cocktail-filled, we have the perfect Dirty Santa Party Invitation to set your holiday scene.

Check out some of our favorite Dirty Santa Party Invitations below…