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Hanukkah Party Invitations

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

It’s time to celebrate the festival of lights!  Hanukkah begins at sundown on the 25th day of Kislev and ends on the second or third day of Tevet.  In 2011 Hanukkah will thus start at sundown on December 20th and end on December 27th.  That means eight opportunities to have a full-blown Hanukkah celebration with family, friends and colleagues.  I remember as a child having a best friend who celebrated this wonderful holiday and being so jealous at the numerous family events and parties she attended.

If you’re not celebrating the holiday from your own religion, what can you expect if you attend a Hanukkah party?  Or, if you are celebrating the festival of lights, what can you do to make sure your Hanukkah party is the hit of the block?  Start off by being organized and planning ahead.  Send out your Hannukah party invitations out approximately 3 -5 weeks before your event so that everyone can clear their schedules and plan on attending.  Set the scene for your party and make everything coordinating and festive.  Hanukkah has some of the best and easiest color themes with shades of blue, gold, silver and white.  Set your party table with navy table cloths and yellow napkins with details of silver and gold sparkles.

Plan a game or activity to keep your guests involved and having a good time.  Depending on the age of your crowd, you can tailor the types of games you play.  From dreidel to pin the candle on the Menorah, Hanukkah word search, a Hanukkah trivia quiz or a puzzle for the little ones.  Involve everyone for a very special lighting of the Menorah and prayer at the end of the night.

Send a warm Hanukkah party invitation to your guests to invite them to your festive soiree.  Choose from a variety of Hanukkah party invitations which range from traditional and classic designs of Menorahs, Star of David patterns and Dreidels to modern and contemporary with looks-like-me party people, holiday cocktails and gift themes.  Our Hanukkah party invitations typically ship in just 2-3 business days after your proof approval and all are available with upgraded shipping and rush options for last minute party planners.  Remember, we also offer Hanukkah greeting cards for those who wish to send a cheerful Hanukkah greeting card to their family and friends.  Order now to make sure your recipients receive your invitations and greeting cards before the holiday season begins!