Embellished Holiday Greeting Cards

I will never forget the day my boss told me he thought that I’d be the kind of person that would have a Bedazzler at home.  Maybe it was my bold fashion choices or excessive shopping habits, or maybe it was just my sparkling personality 😉  But if you know me personally, one thing’s for sure – I never do the bare minimum when it comes to the holiday season, holiday decorating or gift giving.  If I am working with something in the end of the year months, you can bet that I’ll have it glitter, bling or a little extra festive touch to it!  It’s the holidays…why shouldn’t you celebrate and share that holiday cheer with others?

Does this sound like you, too?  For all of us holiday-nuts out there, this blog is for you!

When choosing the perfect holiday greeting card, you may want to select one from our embellished holiday greeting card collection.  Whether you’re a bow person, a sparkling rhinestone person or someone who likes to send a puzzle as their holiday card,  you’re in for a treat.  Check out some of our most festive holiday cards below…

RHINESTONES – The holidays wouldn’t be festive without a bit of bling!  And there’s no reason why your holiday cards shouldn’t be as sparkly as you are.  Some of our favorite holiday greeting cards this year feature shimmer card stock which offers an iridescent alternative to the traditional ivory or white card stock.  We also offer cards with rhinestone or Swarovski™ crystals.  The card to our left is the Believe Greeting Card by Checkerboard which features a rhinestone in place of the dot on the “i” in “Believe”.  A gold greeting with your salutation in the tail of the “e” creates a perfectly bling-y and contemporary holiday greeting.  Checkerboard and William Arthur will both be offering holiday greeting cards with rhinestones and crystals this year.

RIBBONS & BOWS – Ribbons, bows – everything goes!  One of the easiest ways to jazz up an invitation is to add a ribbon or stick-on bow.  The card to our right, Woodcut Black & Red Photo Card by Noteworthy Collections features a black velvet ribbon, one of the classiest ribbons we offer outside of silk or chiffon.  We also offer grosgrain and matte ribbons.  We can always swap a ribbon if you have a different color or design in mind.  Remember that ribbon greeting cards will likely cause additional postage to your envelopes as they create weight and bulk inside your envelope.  These cards are also more expensive than a traditional holiday card, however the outcome is always spectacular.

COOKIE CUTTERS, PENCILS, TEA BAGS & PUZZLES – If you can dream it, odds are we have it!  Checkerboard’s holiday greeting card collection always seems to amaze me with their variety of items for the holiday season.  This card to our left, Home Sweet Home, actually comes with a cookie cutter for each of your holiday card recipients.  It’s tied on with a silver satin ribbon to look like a holiday ornament and comes with a special padded envelope for mailing.  This card doubles up as a great gift for your friends and family as well as a holiday greeting card.  You’ll be sure to add a little sweetness to each recipient’s holiday season.  Remember, we also offer puzzle greeting cards, greeting cards that come with pencils and holiday face masks, as well as tea bags.


Checkout all of our holiday greeting cards at InvitationBox.com and spread some joy this holiday season!

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