Christmas Tree Invitations & Traditions

One of my favorite activities during the holiday season is the trimming of the Christmas tree.  Typically a tradition done with close family members, many people are breaking the rules of tradition and are now hosting their own tree trimming parties or using their decorated Christmas tree as a focal point for their party decorations.

Have you thought about exactly why we saw down thousands of pine trees each year and put them up in our house, strung with lights, garland, ornaments and candy canes?  The legend ascends back to the 7th century when a monk traveled to Germany to teach the Word of God to it’s people.  He used a fir tree to illustrate the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The first decorated Christmas tree was in Latvia in 1510.  In the 16th century Luther decorated his tree with candles to show how stars twinkled in the dark night.  As time went by, Christmas trees were seen with presents decorated around the base of food, practical kitchen items, baking items, flowers and books.  The Christmas tree has evolved over the years and traditions have been introduced and passed on from generation to generation.

Do you have a love for the Christmas tree stemming from the traditions above?  This year I thought it might be fun to do a themed Christmas tree or a white Christmas tree decorated with one-color lights and ornaments.  Christmas trees seem to be the theme this year with holiday greeting cards and holiday party invitations.  They sparkle, they glimmer and they’re festive…why not?

Below you’ll see some of our favorite Christmas tree party invitations which are perfect for corporate holiday parties, holiday family get-togethers or tree trimming parties.  Choose from swanky silhouettes, iconic Christmas trees with presents, evergreen tree branches, holiday ornaments, tree trimming scenes, black tie affairs around the Christmas tree or tree toppers that hold your party wording…

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