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Take the Perfect Family Photo – Tips for Holiday Greeting Cards

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Taking the family photo for your holiday photo greeting cards can be an all day long struggle or battle for any family.  Trying to get the kids to sit still, making sure everyone is smiling or not blinking or getting the pets to actually look at the camera.  It can be a hectic time, especially if you’re taking your own family photograph, (a great money saver for those budget-conscious holiday shoppers).

Need some tips from the pros?  Take some advice below from the photo professionals that get it right every time….

-Coordinate – Coordinate your clothing – Colors that compliment each other are a great way to create a family photograph.  Ask family members to wear different shades of the same color or one element of a common color so that everyone looks in place.

-Set the Scene – When setting up your photograph scene, have everyone sit close together.  You’re a family, thus the closer you sit to one another the more warmth your photo will give off.

-Have fun in your photo. The more real smiles you have the more ‘real’ and together your family appears.  Some of the best holiday greeting cards are ones in action or those where everyone is having a good time in a candid shot.  Not everything needs to be posed.

-Prepare – When preparing to take your photo be sure to check your camera’s settings before you snap the first shot.  Make sure your resolution is set on the highest setting to produce the highest quality photo available.  You may want to skip using the blackberry or iPhone for this one…not matter how good you think the photos will look.

-Use encouraging words! If you get frustrated with your kids, they will get frustrated with you and not want to sit down for their photo.  Encourage them to keep posing by telling them how great they look or how they look just like a super model.  Guaranteed if you make photo time fun, you’ll find the perfect photo to snap!  You can even let the kids come up with their own poses!

Ready to start shopping for your holiday photo greeting cards?  Our holiday greeting cards will accentuate your family holiday photo to let your family shine this holiday season.  Choose from holiday photo greeting cards with digital photographs or traditional self-supplied photographs.  Our newest designs feature your photograph as the background of the card with a small holiday detail or a framed photo card with a holiday icon and your holiday greeting along side of your digital photograph.

Take a look at some of our favorite holiday photo cards below…


NEW Noteworthy Collections Holiday Party Invitations

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

What’s one awesome thing about the holiday season?!  All the new product you see as you shop, of course!  Don’t think online shopping is any different than your typical retail experience…our designers are still working hard to introduce new holiday products as we head into the holiday season ahead.  With perfect timing, Noteworthy Collections has just released their new collection of holiday party invitations that are sure to add a little shimmer, sparkle and holiday cheer to your holiday soiree!

Some of the things that Noteworthy is well known for are their vibrant colors combinations, contemporary graphics and modern design styles.  So what exactly can you expect to see in the new holiday party invitation collection?  Exactly that!  Their new holiday collection features formal holiday party invitations with large damask patterns, snowflake ornaments and formal dinner invitations with silverware place settings and contemporary hatchback patterns.  Those with a bit more of a festive step will love Noteworthy’s casual holiday party invitations which feature snowflakes and swirls designs, reindeer patterns, ornament themes and festive holiday icons.  If  you’re looking for something for the metropolitan holiday event, choose from modern holiday party invitations with city scapes showing the New York skyline, holiday couples invitations and ornate holiday keys for an open house event.  For those who enjoy a drink or two around the holidays, we also have brand new holiday cocktail party invitations which feature cocktail glasses in the shape of Christmas trees, champagne bottles and bubbling drinks.

Don’t forget about New Years, either!  Noteworthy Collections has also introduced a line of New Years party invitations which feature disco balls, countdown clocks, 2012 themes written with sparklers, the large ball drop from New York City and holiday light patterns in contemporary colors.  Whether your partying into the new year with cocktails, friends or the kids, there’s a vibrant, fresh New Years party invitation to help you start off the new year on the right foot.

Checkout some of the awesome designs you’ll see in the Noteworthy holiday collection below…

Timeline for Holiday Greeting Cards & Holiday Invitations

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

If you listen closely, you can almost here the jingle jangle jingle of the holiday bells ringing.  The holidays are upon us and we will be celebrating Christmas Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years before you know it.

Is there a proper timeline to send out your holiday cards and holiday party invitations?  We typically consider a holiday party invitation to be in the causal party category, which would typically mean sending your party invitations out about 2-3 weeks before your event.  However, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be very important to send your holiday party invitations out a bit sooner than you normally would to ensure a full guest list.  I would suggest sending your holiday party invitations out about 4-5 weeks before your event.  That being said, it’s time to order your holiday party invitations now if you want to give your guests plenty of time to secure their schedules and plan on attending your holiday soiree.  You want your guests to receive your holiday party invitation first, of course!

As far as holiday greeting cards go, the timeline is a bit more relaxed on when to send them out…thus no need to panic a month or so before the holiday months start.  Holiday cards are typically sent during the month of the holiday, (December 1 – January 1).  However, it is now widely accepted to send your holiday cards after Thanksgiving (November 24) and all the way throughout the month of January.  If you’re running late, you still have plenty of time.  If you’re sending a January holiday greeting card you may want to choose a holiday-neutral greeting card or a New Years holiday greeting card.  You may even want to choose a digital photo greeting card and share a holiday picture of you and your family.

Remember that if you’re under a time crunch we offer rush processing options and upgraded shipping options on all party invitations.  We will be more than happy to have your product to you within a day or so of ordering.  If you’re not sure how long an item will take, feel free to call our customer service reps for clarification.  If there’s a will, there’s a way and we’ll always try to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Feel the holiday spirit coming on?  Take a look at some of our fabulous holiday party invitation and holiday greeting card designs below…

Choosing a Printing Method for your Party Invitations

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Believe it or not, the type of print method you choose for your invitations says a lot about your style and the formality of your event.  A letterpress printed invitation to a barbecue could lead to a unique black-tie backyard event whereas a casually printed flat printed invitation could lead to blue jeans at a formal company gala.  The type of invitation you choose as well as the invitation’s print method is a clear indication of the event ahead.

So just what type of printing method should you choose for your party, wedding invitations or corporate party invitations?  And what printing method fits in with your budget?  Take a moment to review the print methods below so that you can choose the perfect invitation to set the scene for your upcoming event.

Flat Printing One of the most affordable printing options available, flat printing is similar to the printing you would do from your home printer.  Flat printing is typically done on an ink jet or laser printer in which we take a card stock which is pre-printed with a design and add your text to it.  If you run your fingers over a flat printed invitation you will not feel any sort of raise in your text.   It should be directly flush with the invitation design.  This printing method is perfect for kids party invitations, bridal shower invitations, barbecues or any informal event.

Digital Printing Another extremely affordable printing option, digital printing is done on a large digital printer in which your text and the invitation design are printed at the same time onto large sheets of card stock.  Our printers then cut your cards to size before shipping them to you.  Digital printing gives off an extremely large and bright color palette as well as a slight sheen to the print, (not glossy like a photo, but a slight gloss rather than a matte finish with a flat printed card).  Digital printing is perfect for casual events, photo cards, holiday greeting cards, bridal showers or any party event.

Thermography Printing Thermography is an affordable “upgraded” printing method offered by a few of our prestigious vendors – William Arthur, Checkerboard, Embossed Graphics and Birchcraft Studios.  Thermography is a raised printing done with a heat and powder process in which you can actually feel your text coming off the paper.  This is the most popular printing method used for wedding invitations and formal events.  There is no impression on the back side of the invitation.

Engraving Take your event to the next level with an engraved invitation.  Engraved printing is done with a copper plate which pushes into the back of your card stock causing the text on the front of the card to be raised with ink.  The impression is clearly seen on the back as a sign of elegance and class.  This is one of our most expensive and traditional print methods, exclusively offered by William Arthur.  Engraved invitations are most traditionally used for wedding invitations, galas and extremely formal events.

Letterpress Right along with engraving, letterpress printing is one of the highest methods of printing available.  Your text is made with a depression into a fibrous card stock which is the pure essence of elegance.  The image in the top left portion of the blog is a letterpress invitation.  William Arthur exclusively offers letterpress invitations which are quite pricey, but certainly worth it for the stationery lover and the customer with a larger budget.

Sparkling Holiday Party Invitations & Greeting Cards

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Let it be leaked – this holiday season is all about the glitz, glam and glitter – a total sensory overload!  Whether it’s your holiday decorations, a theme to your holiday party or maybe even a new makeup style, this holiday season is the time to add a little silver, gold or blue twinkle to your regular holiday scheme and brighten things up a little bit.

At we offer a variety of holiday party invitations and holiday greeting cards which keep with the current bling holiday trend.  Choose from holiday party invitations with busy patterned winter prints, luxurious velvet ribbons, vellum overlays and character designs surrounded by gifts of the season.  For those looking for a holiday greeting card, we have also ramped up our holiday card collection with the glitz and glam.  From ornaments covered in glitter to holiday disco balls, metallic colored card stocks, foil prints and intricate holiday patterns, there’s a little something for everybody…no matter how much bling you have in your heart!

Check out some of our favorite shiny and festive holiday items below…

Snowflake Swirl Lime Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Wanna add a little ‘modern’ to your winter holiday celebration?  This festive contemporary style holiday party invitation features a lime green background, which is a nice change to the typical hunter green winter fashion.  A largely ornate scrolling swirl design adorns the left side of the card with snowflakes scattered about.  Pair it with a lime green response card or coordinating square sticker to make your holiday ensemble complete.  This design is also available in red and white background designs.

Stunning Golden Star Holiday Greeting Card by Birchcraft Studios – Add a little foil to your traditional holiday card design and you’ve got an eye-catching holiday card that your guests will notice from across the room!  One of my favorite contemporary holiday card designs this year, this top fold holiday greeting card is printed on rich chocolate brown card stock which features a gold foil swirling greeting design with a large star ornament on the right side of the card.  Birchcraft offers kwik-seal envelope options for easy mailing as well as free gold lined envelopes included with your order.

Diamond New Year Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – A brand new card from the Noteworthy holiday collection, this bling-themed New Years party invitation features a black background of light bursts in shades of blue, purple, red and white.  “2012” is pre-printed on the right side of the card with (drawn) rhinestones with sparkle streams throughout.  Your New Years bash will be the talk of the town with this metro holiday party invitation!  Pair it with a coordinating reply card or holiday sticker to make a complete matching New Years ensemble.

Ready to put on some bling and celebrate the holidays?  Check out our entire holiday collection!

Wedding Invitations – Double Envelopes

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Let’s go back to the old days…when snail mail was the main method of communication and expecting a week or two in-transit before a friend would receive your message was the norm.  Your recipient may have even received your letter torn, tarnished or bent by the time it reached them.  This is how the double envelope was invented for the wedding invitation.

While offering a traditional style and a formal feel to your wedding invitation, the double envelope actually served a large purpose years ago for sending out your mailing invitations.  Your invitation and accessory pieces would be neatly placed into the inner envelope which as a whole was then placed into the outer envelope for addressing and mailing.  When your guests received your wedding invitation, they were able to tear through the outer envelope and still have an untarnished complete wedding ensemble inside.  This extra protection made sure that your guests received all of your invitation for your big day.

Today our mailing systems have vastly improved and we no longer need to be concerned about the condition of our mail as it arrives to our guests.  However, many retailers still offer double envelopes to their customers – including vendors we offer like Birchcraft Studios, William Arthur, Embossed Graphics and Checkerboard.  Having an invitation with a double envelope gives off an element of class, formality and elegance and also allows for you to clarify for your guests who is invited, rather than having to list everyone on the outer envelope.  For example, you may put “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family” on the outer envelope with the address and then on the font of the inner envelope write, “Mike and Carol, Tyler & Chris”.  Your inner envelope should be addressed on the front with your guests names only.

When choosing an inner envelope option, remember that your inner envelopes are not gummed, meaning you will not lick or seal them before mailing.  The double envelope provides your guest with a protective envelope that they don’t have to rip to read your invitation details, hence the non-glue.  If you order an envelope liner the inner envelope will be lined, rather than the outer envelope.  Your outer envelope will be slightly larger than your inner envelope and will be gummed.

Many brides are taking a contemporary view to their wedding invitations and are not using the double envelope anymore.  This is perfectly acceptable either way.  Also, many odd shaped invitations, (square or items with ribbons, vellum sleeves, pockets or embellishments), will not have the option for double envelopes.  Should you see an invitation you like online that doesn’t automatically include or offer double envelopes don’t hesitate to ask us if they are available to you!  Many vendors offer double envelopes as an option, but not an included accessory.

Kegs & Eggs Party Invitations

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Some people prefer a dash of salt and pepper.  Others a splash of hot sauce or a squeeze of ketchup.  Wait, what’s this now…people are pairing eggs with beer?!  That’s right, we’re talking about a kegs & eggs party!

Being a self-proclaimed stationery snot, I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive an invitation to a themed party that I have never heard of before, (or dreamed of).  Just yesterday I was invited to my first kegs and eggs party and I was a bit confused when I first received this invitation.  Why on earth was this the first time I had ever heard of this party theme, and why hadn’t I come up with it!

After a little bit of research I found out that kegs and eggs parties are very popular with the college crowd.  They involve groups of friends party all night and have breakfast in the morning together or on the contrary is a party that is held the morning before a sporting event.  The host will invite a group of people over before a big college football game for some beer by sunrise accompanied with…well, eggs!  It’s used as a pregame party before the big game – which can never be a bad time.  Set up the corn hole, beer pong, a few kegs and get a fire going as you fry your eggs, bacon and pancakes to warm up and celebrate before the big sporting event.  To say I am excited for my first kegs and eggs party is an understatement!

To set the scene for your unique themed party, create your own kegs and eggs party invitation by choosing a festive beer party invitation from our large collection.  Choose from die-cut beer mugs, beer pong pyramid invitations, keg scene party invitations, glass beer bottles on ice, beer stein invitations or beer bucket invitations…to name a few.  If you’re celebrating a rival football game at your kegs & eggs party, you may even want to choose a collegiate party invitation made with your school’s colors, mascot or logo to make for a spirited party invitation.  We offer invitations for the University of Florida, Georgia Tech, Florida State, UGA, University of Texas, University of  North Caroline, Auburn University, Clemson University and more.

Ask your guests to bring their own brew or offer a few different kegs with different beers.  You can even ask your guests to dress for their favorite team or come over wearing their PJ’s to make the breakfast theme seem more appropriate and comfortable.

Check out some of our fun beer party invitations below and start a new tradition before your college football games with a kegs & eggs party – just please drink safely!

Black Wedding Invitations

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

If someone offered you a black wedding gown, as opposed to the traditional white gown, would you do it?  The idea of a black wedding gown can seem preposterous, but admittedly intriguing, I must say.  Vera Wang has recently introduced a new line of black wedding dresses, which is overtaking the wedding world by storm, (no pun intended).  A traditional wedding gown is white, clean, innocent and meant to signify purity…So if one were to choose a black wedding dress…does that indicate the opposite?  In my eyes, the hora of the black wedding gown gives off an element of mystery with elegance, class and a vintage edge.  It’s sultry, seductive and downright breathtaking.  Imagine the gasp of your wedding guests as the doors open to the aisle and see the bride in a black gown from head to toe.

If you’re anything but the typical bride…why not go for it?  Let your wedding gown match your personal style and inner individualist.  Own your individuality and go for something bold and beautiful – because you wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re planning on wearing a black wedding gown, we can only assume your wedding will follow suit.  Set the scene for your unique wedding theme and style with a chic and contemporary black wedding invitation that will match your gorgeous gown.  Our black wedding invitations feature a variety of wedding invitation styles from simple, classy and formal to eye-catching, bold and intricate.  Choose from thick layered card ensembles, wedding invitations with matte, grosgrain or satin ribbons, black invitation pockets, intricate lace prints, shimmering card stocks, buckle ribbon weaves, vintage scroll designs, vellum wraps and folder style wedding invitations.  Choose designs from some of our most popular manufacturers from Checkerboard, William Arthur and Birchcraft Studios.

When planning your actual wedding, consider carrying your unique wedding color and theme into your ceremony setting.  Whether you choose an old fashioned castle as your backdrop or an ancient chapel in a neighboring town.  Create a vintage feel at your reception with black and crystal chandeliers, ivory linens with black accents, and patterned drapery.  Light your reception with candles or dimly lit lights to create ambiance.  Add a pop of color with red roses or garnishes.  Choose a white or ivory cake with an intricate black lace pattern along the cake layers.  Send your guests home with a vintage party favor to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Ready to take a step outside of the box?  Check out some of our favorite black themed wedding invitations below and truly make an impression upon your guests, before they even step into your event…