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Get Creative With Your Digital Holiday Photo Cards

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Raise your hand if you’re tired of the same old boring family photo that you send out on your holiday cards, year after year!  It’s always nice to share a family photograph over the holidays when you send out your annual holiday wishes, but we know it can get a bit old to do the same ‘sitting on the couch’ photograph when everyone in the family is wearing matching ugly holiday sweaters.  Whether you’re the one in the picture or the one receiving the picture – take a stand this year and do something a bit different to spice the holidays up a bit – just like your favorite cup of egg nog!

This morning I saw a really great holiday card design from a customer that I wanted to share with our readers – a family with older children, (think middle – high school age), took a holiday card photo in 2001 of everyone on the beach – two kids sitting by a snowman made of sand with the daughter laying below it on her side.  They recreated the photograph in 2011 with the kids sitting in the same positions with similar outfits and then chose a two-photo digital holiday card.  Kind of a past to present theme which I found to be really unique and memorable.

Kids too young to do the young vs. old idea?  Try to step outside of the box with your holiday photos with pictures of you and your kids doing extraordinary things or capture a moment from the previous year…whether it was a family vacation, a trip to the space station, a picture at Disney World, a beach excursion or a trip to the local zoo.  Make sure it’s a photo where everyone is having fun and feeling their best.  You can even have the kids pose in a funny way to make the card more jovial and fun.  Have too many fun pictures that you can’t just pic one?  We have multiple digital photo holiday cards which include 2, 3 and even 4 photographs, in case you just have too many to share!

Don’t have kids  yet…or maybe they just won’t sit still for a pose this year?  You can always include a photograph of your pets, a nature scene from a vacation road trip you took, a new car you’ve restored or maybe even your new business logo.  Be creative with it and really surprise your recipients.  Make it say “you” all over it.

Check out some of our favorite unique digital photo holiday greeting cards below and spread the holiday cheer in a new way this year…