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Holiday Return Address Labels & Gift Tags

Monday, December 5th, 2011

It’s time to get festive – which means adding a little red, green or holiday sparkle to everything you do, see or touch, right?!  It’s that decorative time of year again, and is here to help.  This year we’ve introduced a huge variety of new holiday return address labels and holiday gift tags into our stationery collection to help you add a little holiday cheer to everything you do.

Our holiday stickers are great for use as a return address label for your holiday party invitations or holiday greeting cards – heck, even use them on your December bills if you want!  We typically put our round stickers on the back flaps of our envelopes, but upper left corner will work too, depending on the size of your envelopes.  Personalize the outer edge with your family name and address or a fun phrase like “Deck the Halls”, “Merry Christmas from the Thompsons” or “Celebrate the season”.  Some of our holiday labels, like the one in the upper left corner, even allow for text in the center of your sticker.  Choose from a variety of designs including formal holiday ornaments, sweater patterns, swirling snowflakes, elegant damask patterns, popping champagne bottles, Christmas trees, wine bottles, New Years balls, Christmas lights, holly and more.

If you need to spruce up your holiday gift wrapping a bit, (sometimes the dollar store tags just don’t make the festive cut), we also offer holiday gift tags which allow you to personalize your gift recipient’s name, or a sample “To:   From:”  You can even use the gift tags as your “from Santa” tags so that your personal hand writing is not on the tag – you don’t want any smarties catching on, of course!  Choose from fun die-cut ornament stickers, Santa stickers, Christmas tree stickers or Santa’s gift bag stickers.  Add your name and a fun winter phrase to personalize the sticker.

Don’t forget about our holiday stamps and embossers which also work great for decorating your holiday gifts and gift wrapping, or your holiday mail.  Check out some of our favorite holiday products below…