2012 New Years Resolutions & Greeting Cards

What is it about New Years resolutions that makes them so hard to keep?  We all get so pumped up to hit the gym, take a daily walk, do more with our kids and yet by the end of January we’re sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips while the kids are running wild in their playroom.  The key to keeping a New Years resolution is to make resolutions that you know you can keep or care about enough to keep it.  If you’re trying to break an old habit, be prepared for a lot of hard work and daily dedication.

It seems like we all have most of the same resolutions year after year – what New Years resolutions will you be striving for this year?  Below is a list of some of the most popular New Years resolutions that people will be making (or breaking) in 2012:

1 – Lose Weightfamous words, I will get up early and hit the gym, sound familiar?  get healthy this year and go out and do it!

2 – Get Organizedwhether it’s with your bills, your papers, files or at your office

3 – Quit A Bad Habitsmoking, drinking, using too much technology – revamp your worst habit into a positive

4 – Help Othersbe it donating to a charity, volunteering or helping your neighbors by letting them borrow a ladder, etc.

5 – Be Nicer sometimes the stress of the world can weigh heavy on our outlook on life and attitude toward others – be a breath of fresh air to all

6 – Manage your Debtwith the state of the economy over the past recent years those bills have been piling up.  come up with an action plan to take control of your debts and assets

Now that we’ve got our priorities in order for 2012, start the year off on the right foot by sending a New Years greeting card to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  If you own a business, this is a great networking tool as you step into the New Year to spread word and recognition of your company.  Choose a jovial New Years card featuring a play on 2012, bursting fireworks, worldly ornaments or peaceful wishes for the new year.

We also offer holiday calendar greeting cards for corporate customers which will help your clients see and remember your business name all year along.  Choose from patriotic scenes, 2012 ornaments, seasonal nature scenes, tropical or floral patterns or designs showcasing teamwork.  Each card is folded to fit in a mailing envelope, and unfolds to be hung on your recipients wall or desk.  Add your company name or logo for a personal touch.  Most cards can ship within 2-3 business days, and as always we offer rush processing and expedited shipping options.

Take charge as you step into 2012 with a brand new resolution for the new year, and a cheerful greeting sent to family, friends and associates…


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