Super Bowl Party Invitations

Are you ready for some football?  We’re just a week or so away from the playoffs and if the Giants beat the Cowboys this football Sunday, I will be one happy blogger!  Planning to throw down with a super bowl party this year?   The super bowl will be on Sunday, February 5, 2012 so now is the perfect time to start planning.

If you want to plan ahead, we offer a variety of generic super bowl party invitations, which are non-team specific, as we won’t know who will be in the super bowl for a few more games.  Choose from designs with watercolor footballs and stadiums by Odd Balls, football field themes from IB Designs, beer and game day food themes, vintage bar sign themes from Noteworthy Collections and football helmet themes.  We also offer assembled invitations with footballs that dance on springs and large football designs threaded with white cord to look like a real football.

Looking for a more authentic game day invitation?  We also offer the ever-famous ticket stub invitations, from Special Event Ticketing, which are absolutely perfect as an invitation for game day!  These 2 x 5.5 inch ticket invitations are available in your teams favorite color – purple, blue, baby blue, green, silver,yellow, orange, pink or red.  Coordinate them with a colored envelope for no extra cost, too.  The entire ticket is customizable with your game day party details for your guests.  The side of the ticket is even perforated if you want to do reply cards or ticket entry.  These ticket invitations ship in just 1-2 business days, which is perfect for last minute football invitations or for those who want to wait until the Super Bowl XLVI teams are announced.

If you have a feeling that the Packers may be in the super bowl this year, (sigh), we do still have super bowl invitations themed with Packers colors from last year available.  These sporty invitations get down to the true grit and competitive nature of football, and will really get your guests riled up for the big game day.

Set the scene for your upcoming super bowl party and get your invitations out early – you don’t want everyone making other plans for your annual event.  Check out some of our favorite football party invitations below and place your bets on the Super Bowl XLVI teams this year…

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