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NEW Kids Personalized Valentines

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

One of my favorite things to do in school each year was create my box for valentines when I was in grade school.  Everyone would bring in an old shoe box and you’d cover it in wrapping paper or construction paper and decorate it with heart stickers, lace doilies, loving words or x’s and o’s and then cut a slit in the top for your valentine deliveries.  It was always fun creating your valentines too, with that extra special one for the crush of the week.

It used to be that valentines were generic and could be picked up at the local drug store and you’d spend hours writing your name and message all over them so that you had enough to hand out to your thirty classmates.  At we now offer personalized valentines for kids, which take half of the work out of the equation…and not just for the kids, for parents too!  Add your own personalized valentine message along with your name.  Then just hand write who the valentine is for and you’re good to go!

Noteworthy Collections has come out with a bunch of great new valentine designs for the 2012 Valentine’s Day season.  Featuring designs for boys and girls, as well as generic designs, there’s something for all kids of all ages.  Girls can choose from cheerleading valentines, love themed valentines, lady bug valentines, candy valentines western valentines or even mermaid valentines.  Boys can choose from monster valentines, construction themed valentines, choo choo train valentines, fire house themed valentines, dinosaur valentines or animal themed valentines.  We also offer digital photo valentines for those who want to send a picture of themselves to their valentine to make it that much more personal.

Each valentine includes white unlined envelopes so that you can mail your valentines to your guests or place them in a mailbox like the one above at school.  All valentines ship in just 2-3 business days which is great for last minute purchases.

Check out all of our kids personalized valentines and get a small preview of our newest designs below…