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Twins Baby Shower Invitations

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Typically it’s ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.  But every once in a while, you have two little miracles added to your family to make it complete.  Then it’s twenty tiny fingers and twenty tiny toes…double the trouble, and double the fun!

Expecting a child is always a monumental milestone in a parent’s life.  Expecting two bundles of joy is extremely exciting, but can also be very overwhelming for a new parent – double the diapers, multiple feeding times, two babies crying or finding childcare for two newborns.  Before the mom and dad-to- be receive their two bundles of joy, make sure you shower them with love, good wishes and all of the baby essentials they’ll need – times two!

Our collection of twins baby shower invitations will help you set the scene as you host your friend or family member’s baby shower event.  Choose from a variety of designs featuring two damask baby prams, baby birds overlooking a nest holding two eggs, a chic mom standing next to two baby cribs, two diaper stacks, two peas in a pod or two bundles that the stork dropped by.  Our twins invitations are available for twin girls, twin boys or one of each, so that you may tailor your twins invitation to match the gender of your babies.  We also offer gender neutral twin baby shower invitations in case the gender of your babies is a surprise.

When planning your baby shower, you may want to ask half of the guests to purchase for baby A and half for baby B so that it’s less stressful on the guests looking for gifts and also ensures the mommy-to-be that her gifts are for both children.  If you know the gender of the baby, (and the parents are sharing), include this information on your baby shower invitation to make gift shopping easier on your guests.  Have a twins theme at your shower with all of your decorations in pairs.  You can even play an ice breaker game upon arrival where each person has a famous “twin” that they have to find.  Do celebrity couples or characters from TV shows.  Send your guests home with a fun favor like double mint gum.

Expecting twins?  Check out some of our favorite twin baby shower invitations below and get ready to celebrate!

Time is Ticking – New Years Photo Greeting Cards

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The clock is ticking…There’s just two and a half weeks left until we’ll be counting down the seconds to 2012!  If you’re like me, you’re still walking around wondering where 2011 went!  If you’re a little bit behind on your holiday card shopping this year, there’s no need to go into a panic.

Be a little bit different this year and send out a New Years photo greeting card instead of your typical Christmas greeting card.  They’re still just as festive, fun, vibrant and full of good wishes – and the best part is that it gives you a few more weeks to get everything together and send them out.  Etiquette dictates that you can send your New Years greeting cards out  anytime during the month of January – thus I just extended your ordering, stuffing, addressing and mailing time to a whole five weeks – there, now doesn’t that feel better?  Also, New Years photo greeting cards are great for customers who have friends and family members that celebrate different holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or maybe just the winter solstice.  This way you’re not singling out one specific holiday, but can send one big greeting for the entire holiday season, with good wishes for the New Year.

We offer New Years greeting cards which include anywhere from one to four photographs, in case you have multiple photographs to share with your family and friends.  Choose from popular New Years color accents with black & silver, powdery blues and whites or chocolate brown and olive green.  Choose a jovial New Years greeting with encouraging words for the New Year, 2012 designs, cityscapes, popping champagne bottles, symbols of peace or elegant patterned prints with damask and floral designs.  Upload up to ten different photographs when personalizing your digital photo New Years greeting card so that you can choose the photograph that looks best with your chosen holiday card design.  Choose your photo tone as well, including color, sepia or black and white tones.

Most of our New Years greeting cards ship within just 2-3 business days, (add 2 business days if you have a proof).  Rush processing options are available, and we also offer upgraded shipping options.  Our shipping rates have just been reduced, too – a great time to upgrade if you need your cards last-minute.

Check out some of our fun New Years Photo Greeting Cards below and celebrate the new season with those you love the most…

Superhero Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Look up in the sky!  It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Super Kid!  With all the craziness of the holiday season around us, your son’s birthday 2012 party might just be sneaking up on you!  Make sure it’s a party that they’ll remember and that all of their friends will enjoy.

One of our most popular boy birthday party invitation themes this is a superhero party.  Whether it’s Batman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk or simply a superhero of their imaginations, superheros have been a popular icon for kids for years.  There’s nothing cooler than flying through the air, having super-human strength, the ability to be invisible or the courage to save those in need…and most of the superheros we all know are someone for your kids to look up to.

Let your child be their own little superhero as they celebrate their birthday.  Our superhero party invitations will set the scene for your party and make sure your guests are prepared for one super kids party event.  Our invitations include a little boy flying high over a city to save the world, (see the left corner of the blog – my personal favorite), and  a super friends invitation which features two famous superhero characters and their superhero dog.  We also have a looks-like-me superhero invitation which features a yellow background  and four different superhero characters wearing blue outfits with traditional red capes and red boots.  They are available in brunette, black and blonde hair, and African American so that your little boy can look just like his favorite superhero.

Invite your son’s superhero friends to join in on the fun and dress up at your superhero party.  Each kid can dress up as their favorite TV/Movie superhero or create their own character.  Give prizes for the best costume or the best made-up super power!  Serve up some mock energy drinks, food for fuel and a birthday cake that looks like a tall building out of the city that your little superheros will be saving.  Come up with a superhero plan or scavenger hunt to help save the planet – the first kid to finish is the newest popular superhero.

Ready to browse for the perfect superhero kids party invitation?  Check out some of our favorite superhero invites below…

Photo Gifts for the Holidays

Monday, December 12th, 2011

It could be your parents, your wealthy best friend or maybe even your dreaded in-laws.  Some people just have a plethora of ‘things’ in their home and are extremely hard to buy for…or maybe it’s just the fact that they don’t have any specific interests that you know of, which helps us buy for those football, comic or sports fanatics in the family.  What do you get that person who has everything?

One of our newest vendors, Photo Prints, is a very welcome addition to our website, and just in time for the gift-giving holiday season!  Imagine your face, your child’s face, a vacation scene or a pet’s picture printed onto your everyday items.  This vendor helps you customize your personal belongings with those people you love the most.  For the tech savvy they offer photo iPad covers, photo mouse pads, photo iPhone covers and photo laptop covers like the one picture on the left.  For the artsy customer they offer one of a kind photo mounting with metallic, matte and luster finishes which truly make your photograph come alive and pop out from the wall.  Photo Prints offers personalized photo flip books, which is a great gift for grandparents and parents for the holidays, too.  If you’re looking for a special gift for a couple who’s had a baby in the last year, choose a photo baby’s first ornament or a personalized photo mug.  We also offer specialty items like photo playing cards, 252 piece photo puzzles, photo desk organizers, photo water bottles and save the date magnets.

Thinking about giving a photo gift to that special someone for Christmas.  Believe it or not, there’s still time to get your order in and have it before Christmas Eve!  Photo Prints ships their orders in just 2-3 short business days – meaning if you place your order this week you should have it just in time for the holidays.  Be sure to upgrade your shipping if you’re on the west coast, as these orders do ship from Georgia!

Check out some of the awesome Photo Prints photo gifts below that you’ll find in this eclectic collection!

Holiday Self-Inking Stamps

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

‘Tis the season for gift-giving!  If you’re like me, you’re going nuts stressing over purchasing the perfect holiday items for your friends and family members this year – and time just seems to be flying by – Could it be – is Christmas really just two and a half weeks away?!  Where has the time gone???  A simple solution of running to the mall to finish all of your last minute shopping would seem like a simple solution, however spending thirty minutes trying to find a parking spot and waiting in hour long lines at each store can seem like quite a hassle – and honestly, who really has the time for that?

Let your stress subside and take a ride on the online shopping train this year!  It’s full of us last-minute shoppers who like to shop from the comfort of our couch and laptops while in our PJ’s sipping wine after a long day at work.  No lines, discounts from coupon codes and the opportunity to view all of the products offered on a website to make sure your decisions for gifts are educated.  There’s also someone there to help you through it via live chat, phone or email.

One of’s most popular gift items this holiday season is our holiday collection of self-inking stamps by Noteworthy Collections.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as your Snap Stamp features a self-inking stamp base and a detachable face so that you can swap out designs with the holiday, your style or mood that day!  Stamp base & face orders are just $38.99 and additional faces are just $19.99.  You no longer have to purchase multiple stamp bases, which clutter up your desk…one base will stamp your entire world!

Purchase a stamp for yourself to use as a return address label/envelope seal on your holiday greeting cards or invitations or purchase one for a friend, family member or co-worker so that they can make their own mark on the world.  You can even use them on the outside of your gifts as a gift tag.  Choose from a variety of holiday snap stamps including holiday martini, ornament, Christmas tree, candy cane, candle, dreidel, french horn, present, palm tree, cacti, holly, reindeer and Santa designs.  We even offer holiday themed “To: ____________ From: Santa” snap stamps – which work great for gift-giving to the kids.

Check out some of the fun self-inking holiday stamp designs available below and make sure you order very soon!  Stamps have a processing time of 5 business days – if you need them for Christmas you have plenty of time!

Countdown to 2012 – New Years Greeting Cards

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

It’s time to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012 and all the good things this new year will bring!  Have you planned any New Years resolutions for the start of the new year?  Maybe you’ll start a gym membership, give to a local charity, volunteer at your church or simply make the goal to be a better person in the new year.  Whatever you choose, you have a fresh start to look forward to on January 1st!

For those of you who forgot to send out holiday greeting cards, or simply prefer a neutral holiday greeting card, our collection of New Years holiday greeting cards will help you bring in the new year with your family, friends, loved ones and business clients.  New Years greeting cards are really great, because after the plethora of holiday greeting cards everyone received, (which have nicely piled up on the kitchen counter), your New Years card will come in with a refreshing holiday greeting after the Christmas holiday has ended.  This is especially great for corporate customers, allowing your name to be the most recent in someone’s mind.

Our New Years holiday cards feature a variety of folded card styles which feature the year 2012 in holiday bulb ornaments and large foil numbers.  Choose a card with a colorful fireworks display, like the holiday card above, a dropping ball from New Year’s Eve night or a night city skyline scene.  We also offer calendar greeting cards if you’d like to give your recipients a holiday greeting and a small gift with your New Years greeting card.  This way they will remember you all throughout the year!

Need them quick?  remember that we offer rush processing options for almost all of our products.  Birchcraft holiday card orders also ship in just 2-3 short business days.  If that’s not quick enough for you, you can also upgrade your shipping to receive your order sooner.  We also offer return address and recipient address printing for our holiday cards, making it easier for you to simply stuff, seal, stamp and put in transit to your friends!

Check out some of our newest New Years holiday greeting cards below and send a world of good wishes to your friends, family and clients in the new year…

2012 Wedding Invitation Trends

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Alright all of you spring brides out there…it’s time to start planning your 2012 wedding…jitters or not!  2102 is all about romance, which is completely fitting for your delicate spring wedding.  Think elegance, vintage locations and decor, flowing gowns and antique accents.

For your dress, some of the most popular trends in 2012 will be the coloured wedding gown.  Breaking away from the traditional white gown, you’ll see shades of ivory, pale green and pink.  You may even want to rock the black or grey wedding gown, inspired by Vera Wang’s latest black wedding gown release.  Choose a flowing gown with plenty of layers and netting or a tulle pull.  For those who prefer a more fitted look, mermaid dresses are the ‘it’ style this year with lace overlays and die-cut detail.

Let your wedding ceremony match your beautiful gown with a vintage or antique theme that surrounds love.  Choose an outdoor or old mansion or barn setting with dim lights.  Choose neutral colors for something more understated or perhaps go with a vibrant splash of color to be different.  Some of the most popular color combinations in 2012 we expect to see are tangerine & aqua, pale pink & grey, charcoal & yellow, red & black, ivory & black or teal & black.

Set the scene for your wedding with a gorgeous wedding invitation ensemble that will give your guests a small preview of the event to come.  Very similar to 2010, the most popular wedding invitation styles for 2012 will be pocket style invitations which feature folds and pocket holders for your accessory pieces, and some with a ribbon accent to tie everything together.  Our Checkerboard BRIDES Collection will offer some of the most modern styles available for 2012, which features shining cords, layered cards, pocket invitations, french flap envelopes, embossed pocket folders, belly band wraps and customized printed envelope liners. Classic wedding invitation styles are available from William Arthur and Birchcraft Studios which offer thermography, letterpress and engraved wedding invitations for those looking for a timelessly classic invitation.  For those who prefer a pop of color, The Green Kangaroo offers vibrant color choices and combinations with coordinating intricate designs for the most modern bride.

Check out some of our favorite wedding invitation styles for 2012 and start dreaming of your perfect spring wedding…

Holiday Return Address Labels & Gift Tags

Monday, December 5th, 2011

It’s time to get festive – which means adding a little red, green or holiday sparkle to everything you do, see or touch, right?!  It’s that decorative time of year again, and is here to help.  This year we’ve introduced a huge variety of new holiday return address labels and holiday gift tags into our stationery collection to help you add a little holiday cheer to everything you do.

Our holiday stickers are great for use as a return address label for your holiday party invitations or holiday greeting cards – heck, even use them on your December bills if you want!  We typically put our round stickers on the back flaps of our envelopes, but upper left corner will work too, depending on the size of your envelopes.  Personalize the outer edge with your family name and address or a fun phrase like “Deck the Halls”, “Merry Christmas from the Thompsons” or “Celebrate the season”.  Some of our holiday labels, like the one in the upper left corner, even allow for text in the center of your sticker.  Choose from a variety of designs including formal holiday ornaments, sweater patterns, swirling snowflakes, elegant damask patterns, popping champagne bottles, Christmas trees, wine bottles, New Years balls, Christmas lights, holly and more.

If you need to spruce up your holiday gift wrapping a bit, (sometimes the dollar store tags just don’t make the festive cut), we also offer holiday gift tags which allow you to personalize your gift recipient’s name, or a sample “To:   From:”  You can even use the gift tags as your “from Santa” tags so that your personal hand writing is not on the tag – you don’t want any smarties catching on, of course!  Choose from fun die-cut ornament stickers, Santa stickers, Christmas tree stickers or Santa’s gift bag stickers.  Add your name and a fun winter phrase to personalize the sticker.

Don’t forget about our holiday stamps and embossers which also work great for decorating your holiday gifts and gift wrapping, or your holiday mail.  Check out some of our favorite holiday products below…

Get Creative With Your Digital Holiday Photo Cards

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Raise your hand if you’re tired of the same old boring family photo that you send out on your holiday cards, year after year!  It’s always nice to share a family photograph over the holidays when you send out your annual holiday wishes, but we know it can get a bit old to do the same ‘sitting on the couch’ photograph when everyone in the family is wearing matching ugly holiday sweaters.  Whether you’re the one in the picture or the one receiving the picture – take a stand this year and do something a bit different to spice the holidays up a bit – just like your favorite cup of egg nog!

This morning I saw a really great holiday card design from a customer that I wanted to share with our readers – a family with older children, (think middle – high school age), took a holiday card photo in 2001 of everyone on the beach – two kids sitting by a snowman made of sand with the daughter laying below it on her side.  They recreated the photograph in 2011 with the kids sitting in the same positions with similar outfits and then chose a two-photo digital holiday card.  Kind of a past to present theme which I found to be really unique and memorable.

Kids too young to do the young vs. old idea?  Try to step outside of the box with your holiday photos with pictures of you and your kids doing extraordinary things or capture a moment from the previous year…whether it was a family vacation, a trip to the space station, a picture at Disney World, a beach excursion or a trip to the local zoo.  Make sure it’s a photo where everyone is having fun and feeling their best.  You can even have the kids pose in a funny way to make the card more jovial and fun.  Have too many fun pictures that you can’t just pic one?  We have multiple digital photo holiday cards which include 2, 3 and even 4 photographs, in case you just have too many to share!

Don’t have kids  yet…or maybe they just won’t sit still for a pose this year?  You can always include a photograph of your pets, a nature scene from a vacation road trip you took, a new car you’ve restored or maybe even your new business logo.  Be creative with it and really surprise your recipients.  Make it say “you” all over it.

Check out some of our favorite unique digital photo holiday greeting cards below and spread the holiday cheer in a new way this year…

Last Minute Christmas Party Invitations

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

One of the best things about the holidays is getting together with your family and friends to  kick-back, relax, socialize and eat some great holiday food!  Add a little holiday flare in there and you’ve got an awesomely festive party  that people will look forward to, year after year.

It’s time to set the scene for your upcoming holiday, and with Christmas being just three and a half weeks away, (yes, today is December 1st, time to go into that yearly holiday-frenzy), it’s REALLY time to buckle down and purchase your Christmas party invitations.  We offer rush processing and super rush processing options, as well as upgraded shipping, just in case your party is a last minute idea.  Some of our quickest vendors this holiday season are IB Designs, Noteworthy Collections, Doc Milo and Inviting Company…where products can ship normally in just 2-3 business days.  Remember that items with ribbons, bows and rhinestones will take longer to process, as they must be assembled, (beauty takes time)!

Ready to browse through our holiday party invitation designs?  Our holiday party invitation collection is jam-packed with over 500 different designs so that you can have the exact invitation you envisioned for your festive party.  Casual party-go-ers will love the sassy Doc Milo holiday party invitations, (like the one in the top left corner of the blog) which feature chic holiday people dressed in their holiday finest as they celebrate the holidays and the new  year.  We also have holiday icon party invitations which will take you back to the good old days where Christmas was all about Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings and winter scenes.  If you’re hosting a Christmas cocktail party we have holiday martini cards with candy cane swizzle sticks, red wine bottles with holly garnishes and holiday bar scene invitations.

For those hosting more of a formal holiday soiree, or a corporate holiday event,  we offer vellum overlay cards with chandeliers and bursts of holiday hues.  We also offer more reserved invitations with damask and swirl holiday patterns, elegant ornaments, holiday entrance invitations, cityscapes, holiday place settings, wintery wonderland scenes, filigree reindeer and holiday floral patterns.

Check out some of our favorite holiday party invitations below and send an unforgettable holiday party invitation to your guests this year!