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Around the Clock Baby Shower Invitations

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

‘Tick. Tock.’ goes the clock…Pretty soon she’s gonna pop!  If you have someone in your family or group of friends who is expecting, and the due date is coming soon, now is the time to celebrate and shower her with love and gifts to prepare her for the big day.  Whether you’re hosting a shower or a sprinkle, (a baby shower for someone who already has children), you’ll need a baby shower theme to set the scene for her special baby shower day.

One of the more recent baby shower themes we’ve seen lately has been an around the clock themed baby shower!  This type of shower helps your guests choose what kinds of gifts to purchase for the expecting mommy-to-be, and helps her to receive a variety of gifts, rather than fifteen sleepers and only one daytime outfit!

Start planning your shower by sending out an around the clock baby shower invitation that sets the scene and tone for your event.  Start with one of our colorful invitations, one that has light pinks, greys and browns if your having a girl, or blue, aqua, red or greens if you’re having a boy.  If the sex of your baby is unknown, stick with neutral colors of yellow, green or multi-colored so that there is no confusion for your guests – you don’t want your baby boy wearing a dress or your little girl wearing a pair of blue train overalls!  Our around the clock invitations feature cuckoo clocks, old fashioned alarm clocks and antique scrolling hanging clocks, depending on your personal style, or the style of the mommy-to-be.   We also have more modern designs with clock patterns for the contemporary mom.

On your around the clock invitation, be sure to leave a blank line in your wording, to indicate what time the guest should purchase a gift for.  Once you receive your shower invitations and begin to send them out, fill-in the line with “morning, afternoon or evening” or a specific time, if you prefer.  If you know the mommy-to-be needs more night items or bath items, be sure to tailor your guest list around that.

Need some gift ideas for the time you’re assigned?

Morning – think items that Mommy will need for the baby when they wake up – blankets, bottles, diapers, changing table, wipes

Afternoon – daytime outfits, bibs, bottles, toys, books, bouncers, baby swings

Night – blankets, diapers, sleepers, onesies, bath toys, soap/bath essentials, towels

Ready to host your own around the clock baby shower?  Start when the clock strikes twelve with these contemporary around the clock baby shower invitations