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Baby Shower Invitations – Wishing Wells

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

We’ve all tossed a shiny penny, quarter or nickel into the wishing well, whether we were at the mall or a city park…just hoping that our wish might come true.  Much like we make our wishes, the expecting mommy-to-be has had her wish of a baby boy or baby girl come true – and we know you want to wish her well before her big delivery day!

One of the more popular themes we’ve seen for baby showers is a wishing well themed baby shower.  This new trend in baby showers may be foreign to your guests, so be sure to clarify what it is or means on your baby shower invitation.  A wishing well shower involves someone creating a “Well” of some sort – which can be made wood, purchased like the one to our left or created with a laundry or gift basket.  Decorate the basket or well with baby boy, baby girl or baby neutral colors that coordinate with your shower or baby shower theme.

When a wishing well is added to a baby shower, it tells your guest that they should bring a small gift item, (think $5 – $10 range), to add to the wishing well.  It’s kind of like an extra gift for the mommy-to-be filled with lots of little gifts for her baby.  Normal wishing well gifts can be things she will need like a passafier, bottles, diapers, spoons, shoes, onesies, washcloths, outlet savers, cleaning brushes, diaper pins, powder, lotions or blankets…anything small that would fit into your gift basket.  You can even theme your wishing well, like one of my customers did this afternoon.  As she had already received many traditional baby gifts, her baby shower host added “Wising Well – let’s help accessorize the baby girl to be” a the bottom of her wishing well themed invitation.  So think hair accessories, shoes, baby jewelry, brushes, outfits…anything cute for her baby girl to be.

Choose a wishing well themed invitation that will set the scene for your event.  Our baby shower invitations feature gift bags full of baby gifts, (which will give your guests a few ideas on which items to donate to the wishing well), present themes and fun baby patterns made of pastel traditional baby colors.  We also have bassinet and pram themed baby shower invitations, as well as posh baby shower invitations featuring the expectant mommy to be lounging on a couch in her best expecting dress outfit, surrounded by gifts.

Check out some of our favorite baby shower invitations below, which all would be perfect for your wishing well themed baby shower…