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Stationery Etiquette – Pre-Printed Thank You Notes

Friday, January 13th, 2012

It’s my #1 stationery pet-peeve, and probably yours too if you’ve ever received one!  We’ve probably all done it, or considered doing it – the pre-printed thank you note.  How easy is it to just draft up a cute ‘thank you’ message on the inside of your thank you notes and sign your name to the bottom of each one before mailing?  If anything’s that easy, it can’t be right…right?  Correct.

One of the biggest stationery faux pas we see is the request for a thank you note to have a pre-printed message on the inside.  Most read something along the lines of, “Thank you for joining us on our special day.  It was great to see you and we sincerely appreciate your kind gift!  Talk to you soon…”  And of course, we all understand, you’ve just been married, just had a baby or have a very hectic work schedule, and sitting down to hand write 100 thank you notes doesn’t sound like the most fun or productive Friday evening.  However, if your guests spent the time to do something nice for you, attend your event and/or gave you a thoughtful gift, you should take the ninety seconds to scribble out a quick thank you note to let them know you appreciate their gesture or gift.

When you write a thank you note to someone it’s letting them know your appreciation as well as showing them that you took the time to let them know it by writing them a note.  The writing of a thank you note is becoming a thing of the past with our need-it-now generation and the increase of technology with email, texts and phone calls.  I know personally that when I receive a thank you note in the mail that a friend took the time to write, I feel very special and honored that they took the time to write me.

Moral of the story here?  Take the time to write a few thank you notes the next time you receive a gift.  You don’t have to do them all in one day, and if it takes you two weeks of writing five a night, take the time to do it!  Your guests will feel extremely special and touched that you reached out to them with a hand written note to express your thanks.