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Wedding Inspiration – Yellow Wedding Invitations

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start planning your summer wedding!  What’s life without a little inspiration, right?  It’s been a while since I created a montage for our dedicated readers, and I thought this contemporary invitation would add a little sunshine to your boring Monday afternoon!

The Riviera Invitation with Swiss Envelope, by Checkerboard, is from the BRIDES Magazine collection, as they teamed up with designers at Checkerboard to come up with a completely unique, trendy and modern line of wedding invitation ensembles.  This unique invitation features a vibrant yellow card stock which is embossed with a woodcut flourish design straight through the middle of the card.  Pair it with a white wallet flap envelope, (the more affordable option), or add a bit of elegance with a pointed Swiss flap envelope which features a yellow and black coordinating woodcut flourish envelope liner.  The bride and groom’s names adorn the top left portion of the card, printed large, across from your wedding day details.  The colors in this card, along with the woodcut floral design accents truly make it a contemporary masterpiece.

Ready for the inspiration?  To me, it always amazes me when a bride and groom take one color theme and run it through their entire wedding process, from the save the date cards and wedding invitations they mail out to their wedding reception, wedding favors and wedding thank you notes.  It all starts with one color, one design or one invitation to start the beginning of a coordinating masterpiece.

The above photographs may give you a few ideas when creating your own yellow themed wedding.  After your ceremony, (think white dress with a black sash, and a yellow bouquet), start with a romantic reception setting with black linens and use your yellow accent from lit tea light candles.  A vase in the center of the table can coordinate with the outside scenery by using dark branches and small white orchids or flowers.  Dress your bridesmaids in a yellow flowing dress with a black sash, or flip it with a black dress with a yellow sash, depending on the personality of your bridesmaids.  You may want to even let them choose!  Choose a fondant wedding cake made of yellow, black and white with white floral accents.  Send your guests home with a candy, soap bubble or candle favor wrapped in a white box with a black and white damask patterned wrapping.  Tie it together with a yellow bow.  This will not only provide guests with a favor, but will also create a gorgeous side decoration for your wedding favor table.

Need some inspiration for your wedding?  Send your wedding color or theme my way and we’ll be happy to create a few inspirations for you – all starting with a stunning wedding invitation!