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Party Invitation Etiquette – Gifts?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Sometimes we just have enough “stuff” lying around.  Sometimes our kids already have too many toys that they don’t play with.  Sometimes we just don’t want our guests to feel obligated, especially if they’re spending money on other areas of your event.

Whatever the reason, there’s just certain times when bringing gifts is not necessary for your guests.  A few years ago, we would have told you to simply not put anything on your invitation about the gifts.  Some guests may have been offended by the request not to bring one at all.  You certainly don’t want to offend anyone by asking them not to bring a gift, but it has become much more acceptable in our modern times to tell guests to refrain from gift giving.

That being said, there is a right and a wrong way of asking someone to not bring a gift.  Simply saying, “No gifts”, can seem a bit harsh to some guests.  We typically suggest printing “No gifts, please” in the bottom corner of your party invitation, printed small, almost as an afterthought.  This makes it seem like more of a request, than a demand.  We have also seen some customers put “Your presence is the only gift requested” or “Please grace us with your presence, no gifts, please”.  However you feel will appeal to your guests most.

Remember that while it has become acceptable to request for no gifts to be given, it is thus inappropriate to request that your guests bring specific guests.  A book for a baby shower is one thing, however making monetary or gift card requests, or any specific gift request, is considered to be in poor taste.  The thought behind this etiquette rule is that the purpose of having a wedding or party is to celebrate the event at hand, not solicit for gifts.  If the bride or honoree wants a specific gift, spread it by word of mouth or inform your guests when they RSVP.  There is no need to put “Monetary gifts appreciated”, not matter how nicely you request it.

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