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Direction Cards

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

One of the more popular questions I’ve had while meeting with local brides lately is, “Do I need to include a direction card with my wedding ensemble?”  A few years ago, sending a direction card with your wedding invitation was customary, and almost expected.  This way your out of town guests know exactly how to get to your ceremony and/or reception site without having to MapQuest directions before they get there…or worry that their at-home directions may steer them in the wrong direction.

As we all know, technology is evolving us, in more ways than one!  For the most part, a direction card is no longer necessary to include with your wedding ensemble…and many brides don’t include directions anymore.  With GPS in our cars or in our cell phones, can you remember the last time you had to read a map or follow step-by-step directions from a program like MapQuest?  I know I can’t…and with our gotta-have-it need-it-now society, we don’t want to spend the time figuring out if we’re traveling North or South on I-95.

Is it a bad idea to include a directions card with your wedding ensemble?  Absolutely not.  Some of your guests may appreciate having the map and directions at-hand when traveling to your wedding destination.  Also, if you do have a lot of out-of-town guests, or elderly guests, it’s very nice to offer them simple and easy directions to follow.  It may just be nice to have a map of the area included, as well.

If you DO decide to include a direction card with your wedding invitation, I always suggest printing the name, full address and phone number to the location at the top of the card.  This way if they want to use their direction card with their GPS they have all information available, and if they get lost they have a contact number for someone who can assist them.  Then list your directions below in a very easy, simple listed format.  The less wording you have the better, and choose a simple design that does not take focus away from the listed directions.  Remember to include directions from your ceremony site to the reception site if they are being held at different locations.

Thinking about putting a direction card in with your wedding ensemble?  Check out some of our directions cards below – most available with maps, should you want to include one.  We offer them in a variety of styles and colors to incorporate into your wedding invitation ensemble.