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Bridal Luncheon Invitations

Friday, January 20th, 2012

She’s your right-hand girl.  The one you call at three AM when you’ve had a bad night.  The girl you call when you accidentally die your hair grey instead of ash-blonde.  The girl who will be standing by you on one of the biggest days of your life – she’s your bridesmaid!  And you might just have a whole slue of them…luck you!

When planning your wedding, it’s your bridesmaids that will come to your fittings and appointments with you.  They’ll give you their opinion when asked and help you plan your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding day details.  They’ll stay up late stuffing your wedding invitation ensemble with you, and help you calm your wedding jitters on the day of your wedding.

Sometimes your bridesmaids are there for you so much you forget to thank them for all of the hard work they’ve done to help you plan your big day!  One of the more popular trends amongst brides lately is to host a bridal luncheon in honor of your bridesmaids, a few weeks before your wedding.  Treat your devoted bridesmaids to a cocktail, appetizers, lunch or maybe even a spa day to let them know how much they are appreciated throughout your wedding planning.  You can even present them with their gift for your wedding on that day, if you’d like!  Be sure to include your mother, as well as the groom’s mother on this special event, for all of the ‘wedding women’ to share.

To set the scene, choose a bridal shower luncheon invitation that is all about your fabulous bridesmaids!  Choose from a wedding cake in the color of their dresses, a ‘looks like us’ card with the bride and all of her fun ‘maids’ around her…or a themed card that portrays what you’ll be doing that day to celebrate, be it a spa day or a tea party.  Inviting Company has introduced several brand new designs into our bridal luncheon invitation collection this spring as well, which feature dress forms featuring the bridesmaids dresses on hangers, which are some of my favorites.  From navy dresses to eggplant, they have it all.

Check out some of our favorite bridal luncheon party invitations below and shower your bridesmaids – they’ve worked hard for it!