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Sporty Girl Birthday Party Invitations

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Who says girls can’t play and celebrate sports?!  Celebrate the star female athlete in your family on her birthday this year with a sporty girl themed birthday party!  In 2012, life seems to be all about getting on track, staying healthy and being active…and teaching the value of that to our children.  Our kids love running around outside, riding their bikes, kicking a soccer ball around in the yard or playing ballerina…why not incorporate that into their birthday party this year for all of their friends to enjoy?

Our sporty girl birthday party invitations encompass all of the activities that little girls love.  Choose from girl soccer party invitations, bowling party invitations, ballet party invitations, gymnastics party invitations, roller skating party invitations, horseback riding invitations or girl bounce house party invitations, depending on her favorite after-school activity.  Or, if she likes a little bit of every sport, set up an obstacle course to incorporate a couple of her favorite activities.  We offer adorable cartoon invitations which show active kids playing as well as digital photo party invitations.

When composing your sports party invitations, remember to pick an invitation that clearly represents what you’ll be doing or playing at the party.  Nobody wants to come to a soccer party wearing a dress and then finds out that they’re going to kick a ball around.  Many sports complex’s have waivers or guidelines for parents to fill-out and follow before each child attends.  Be sure to include this information with your invitation.  If each child needs to bring socks, sunblock, a towel or sneakers, be sure to put that vital information on your invitation, as well as have extra necessities on hand at your party.

Play up your party theme by incorporating your sport into your party decorations.  If your theme is a blue, black and white soccer ball, use those colors for your party decorations and party scene.  If you’re having a pink bounce house party, serve your guests cupcakes that have jelly beans on top that look like the balls from inside a bounce house.  Get creative!

Make her sports party one she’ll never forget, and one where the kids will leave exhausted from how much fun they’ll have!