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Pet Stamps, Pet Stationery & Pet Placemats

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

They’re warm, furry, sweet, energetic and are always offering a kiss or a cuddle when needed…It’s amazing how our pets become a vital part of our family in such a short amount of time.  And if you’re like me, you’re nuts about your pets and would give them just about anything to make them as happy as they make you.

At we offer a complete line of personalized pet items for all of you pet-lovers out there!  Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, we have the perfect items for you to help accessorize your pet’s favorite area at home, or to show off to your family and friends.  We now offer pet self-inking stamps, pet stationery and notecards, pet placemats, pet birth announcements and pet party invitations.

Check out some of our fabulous product collections below and celebrate your wonderful pet every day of your life!

Pet Self-Inking Stamps – Make your mark on the world with the Noteworthy Collections self-inking Snap Stamp.  You can add a face for each pet that you have – choose from a variety of dog breeds featuring Chihuahuas, Terriers, Dobermans, Great Danes, Labs, Pitbulls, Poodles and Schnauzers.  A fan of some other random pets too?  We also have frog designs, horse designs, turtle designs and bunny rabbit designs.  These Snap Stamps are great for use on your letterhead, stationery, return address labels for your envelopes, a marking inside of your favorite book or use as a stamp on your personal items.  You’ll think about your furry friend each time you stamp it!

Personalized Pet Placemats – Mealtime getting a little messy?  Personally, I have two of these zebra pet placemats at my house, which I keep in my pet’s room to make cleanup after mealtime a snap.  Each pet placemat features your pet’s name with a fun trendy design which will match their personality perfectly.  Choose from colorful stripes, animal print patterns, paw prints, dog bones, prince/princess crowns or even upload a photograph of your pet at their best!  Each placemat is laminated and is thus water-resistant and also is double sided with a fun design.  Choose one for each of your pets and put their bowl by it for a great display at home, and a really fun design for your pet.

Pet Birth Announcements & Pet Adoption Cards – One of the most exciting times, when you have a new addition to your family!  It doesn’t have to be  a baby to be special!  Announce the birth of your pet or the adoption of your pet with our collection of pet birth announcements and pet adoption cards.  Upload a photo of your new furry friend to share with your family members and friends.  Choose a card with a design or color that matches your new pet’s style.  We also have pet birthday party invitations in case you want to celebrate your pet’s first birthday!  Coordinate with some pet stationery and you’ll be good to go!

Celebrate your pet and their amazing personality with a personalized pet item from our pet collection, today!

Wedding Inspiration – Yellow Wedding Invitations

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start planning your summer wedding!  What’s life without a little inspiration, right?  It’s been a while since I created a montage for our dedicated readers, and I thought this contemporary invitation would add a little sunshine to your boring Monday afternoon!

The Riviera Invitation with Swiss Envelope, by Checkerboard, is from the BRIDES Magazine collection, as they teamed up with designers at Checkerboard to come up with a completely unique, trendy and modern line of wedding invitation ensembles.  This unique invitation features a vibrant yellow card stock which is embossed with a woodcut flourish design straight through the middle of the card.  Pair it with a white wallet flap envelope, (the more affordable option), or add a bit of elegance with a pointed Swiss flap envelope which features a yellow and black coordinating woodcut flourish envelope liner.  The bride and groom’s names adorn the top left portion of the card, printed large, across from your wedding day details.  The colors in this card, along with the woodcut floral design accents truly make it a contemporary masterpiece.

Ready for the inspiration?  To me, it always amazes me when a bride and groom take one color theme and run it through their entire wedding process, from the save the date cards and wedding invitations they mail out to their wedding reception, wedding favors and wedding thank you notes.  It all starts with one color, one design or one invitation to start the beginning of a coordinating masterpiece.

The above photographs may give you a few ideas when creating your own yellow themed wedding.  After your ceremony, (think white dress with a black sash, and a yellow bouquet), start with a romantic reception setting with black linens and use your yellow accent from lit tea light candles.  A vase in the center of the table can coordinate with the outside scenery by using dark branches and small white orchids or flowers.  Dress your bridesmaids in a yellow flowing dress with a black sash, or flip it with a black dress with a yellow sash, depending on the personality of your bridesmaids.  You may want to even let them choose!  Choose a fondant wedding cake made of yellow, black and white with white floral accents.  Send your guests home with a candy, soap bubble or candle favor wrapped in a white box with a black and white damask patterned wrapping.  Tie it together with a yellow bow.  This will not only provide guests with a favor, but will also create a gorgeous side decoration for your wedding favor table.

Need some inspiration for your wedding?  Send your wedding color or theme my way and we’ll be happy to create a few inspirations for you – all starting with a stunning wedding invitation!

Stationery Etiquette – Pre-Printed Thank You Notes

Friday, January 13th, 2012

It’s my #1 stationery pet-peeve, and probably yours too if you’ve ever received one!  We’ve probably all done it, or considered doing it – the pre-printed thank you note.  How easy is it to just draft up a cute ‘thank you’ message on the inside of your thank you notes and sign your name to the bottom of each one before mailing?  If anything’s that easy, it can’t be right…right?  Correct.

One of the biggest stationery faux pas we see is the request for a thank you note to have a pre-printed message on the inside.  Most read something along the lines of, “Thank you for joining us on our special day.  It was great to see you and we sincerely appreciate your kind gift!  Talk to you soon…”  And of course, we all understand, you’ve just been married, just had a baby or have a very hectic work schedule, and sitting down to hand write 100 thank you notes doesn’t sound like the most fun or productive Friday evening.  However, if your guests spent the time to do something nice for you, attend your event and/or gave you a thoughtful gift, you should take the ninety seconds to scribble out a quick thank you note to let them know you appreciate their gesture or gift.

When you write a thank you note to someone it’s letting them know your appreciation as well as showing them that you took the time to let them know it by writing them a note.  The writing of a thank you note is becoming a thing of the past with our need-it-now generation and the increase of technology with email, texts and phone calls.  I know personally that when I receive a thank you note in the mail that a friend took the time to write, I feel very special and honored that they took the time to write me.

Moral of the story here?  Take the time to write a few thank you notes the next time you receive a gift.  You don’t have to do them all in one day, and if it takes you two weeks of writing five a night, take the time to do it!  Your guests will feel extremely special and touched that you reached out to them with a hand written note to express your thanks.

Valentine’s Day Return Address Labels

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Seal it with a kiss…or a Valentine’s Day return address label, for that matter!  That loving time of year is approaching again!  Time to break out the red and pink attire and start sending your secret crush gifts from their secret admirer…or maybe just a letter!

Our Valentine’s Day collection features kids valentines, Valentine’s Day photo greeting cards and Valentine’s Day party invitations…none of which are complete without a coordinating Valentine’s Day return address label or envelope seal to go with it!  We’ve compiled an entire collection of Valentine’s Day stickers which are designed after your favorite Valentine’s Day patterns, invitations and valentines.  They are perfect for use as a return address label or envelope seal in the month of February to spread a little love to those you regularly correspond with.  Or, my personal favorite, they can also be used as a party favor sticker or label on baked goods for a Valentine’s Day event.

Our featured personalized Valentine’s Day return address labels come in a variety of holiday colors from red to pink, white purple and magenta.  Choose from heart or filigree patterns, sparkling heart pendants, love trees, monogrammed initials, swirling vines, heart martinis or candy and cupcake treats.  We also offer fun sticker designs for kids featuring cartoon characters, race cars, teddy bears, bumble bees, monkeys, penguins, puppy dogs, owls, butterflies or cats.  Put a sticker on the back of your child’s valentines or have her bring them to school to share with her friends.

Check out a small preview below of our Valentine’s Day return address labels and sprinkle a little love over your world!

Stay Organized with Notepads & Memo Pads

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Sometimes it seems like life is flying by and your schedule is so busy, you just can’t catch your breath!  Embossed Graphics makes it easy for parents, career-minded customers and everyday on-the-go people to stay organized with their unique collection of personalized notepads and memo pads.

Recently updated, this contemporary collection of notepads features bound and loose-leaf pads with trendy colored acrylic, stainless steel and cardboard holders.  Choose a mini list for your grocery list and tack it to your fridge.  Choose a family memo square which features your family member’s names and use it for notes to the babysitter, your kids after school or to write down reminders.  Keep the family organized with a family day slab which features an organizational chart pad featuring the days of the week and each family member’s name to keep track of sports or dance practice, PTA meetings or vacation schedules.  When your week is filled and done, just tear off she sheet and start the next week fresh.

For the career focused customer, you can now stay organized at work while adding a little personal flare to your everyday notes.  our tablet sets come with a variety of different sized pads which can be personalized with your name, monogram or company information.  Choose your own colored ink to make your style stand out from the rest.

These memo pads and notepads also make great gifts for teachers, co-workers or friends for a holiday or birthday.  Refill sets are also available in case you run out of room to write!  Check out a small preview of our fabulous notepad collection below…

Baby Shower Invitations – Wishing Wells

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

We’ve all tossed a shiny penny, quarter or nickel into the wishing well, whether we were at the mall or a city park…just hoping that our wish might come true.  Much like we make our wishes, the expecting mommy-to-be has had her wish of a baby boy or baby girl come true – and we know you want to wish her well before her big delivery day!

One of the more popular themes we’ve seen for baby showers is a wishing well themed baby shower.  This new trend in baby showers may be foreign to your guests, so be sure to clarify what it is or means on your baby shower invitation.  A wishing well shower involves someone creating a “Well” of some sort – which can be made wood, purchased like the one to our left or created with a laundry or gift basket.  Decorate the basket or well with baby boy, baby girl or baby neutral colors that coordinate with your shower or baby shower theme.

When a wishing well is added to a baby shower, it tells your guest that they should bring a small gift item, (think $5 – $10 range), to add to the wishing well.  It’s kind of like an extra gift for the mommy-to-be filled with lots of little gifts for her baby.  Normal wishing well gifts can be things she will need like a passafier, bottles, diapers, spoons, shoes, onesies, washcloths, outlet savers, cleaning brushes, diaper pins, powder, lotions or blankets…anything small that would fit into your gift basket.  You can even theme your wishing well, like one of my customers did this afternoon.  As she had already received many traditional baby gifts, her baby shower host added “Wising Well – let’s help accessorize the baby girl to be” a the bottom of her wishing well themed invitation.  So think hair accessories, shoes, baby jewelry, brushes, outfits…anything cute for her baby girl to be.

Choose a wishing well themed invitation that will set the scene for your event.  Our baby shower invitations feature gift bags full of baby gifts, (which will give your guests a few ideas on which items to donate to the wishing well), present themes and fun baby patterns made of pastel traditional baby colors.  We also have bassinet and pram themed baby shower invitations, as well as posh baby shower invitations featuring the expectant mommy to be lounging on a couch in her best expecting dress outfit, surrounded by gifts.

Check out some of our favorite baby shower invitations below, which all would be perfect for your wishing well themed baby shower…

Superbowl Ticket Invitations

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Are you ready for some football?  Steelers fans are hanging their heads around the office today after their loss yesterday evening.  I have to admit, I’ve got football on the brain, and if you’re a Giants fan like I am, you’re preparing for a huge game against the Packers this upcoming weekend…all in preparation for the Superbowl on Sunday, February 5th.

With the Superbowl just a little under a month away, it’s now crunch time to order your Superbowl party invitations in time for the big game.  We have a plethora of football themed party invitations to order, however our most popular Superbowl invitation this year is the ticket stub invitations from Special Event Ticketing!

So what’s the hype about?  Special Event Ticketing’s ticket invitations are actually in the shape and style of an authentic ticket stub.  They have two different styles, one with a perforated edge, and the other with an actual bar-code, (does not scan, sorry)!  You can personalize the entire ticket as you wish, with your party details, favorite player’s jersey number or request for an RSVP.  We also have a photo ticket which allows you to upload your photograph or team logo, (but please make sure you own the rights to your image when uploading).

Not that we know what teams will be playing, however I say go ahead and choose your favorite team’s colors, or a mix of colors to send to all of your guests.  Special Event Ticketing offers purple, blue, light blue, green, silver, yellow, orange, pink or red ticket colors, and yes, you may mix an match.  They also offer colored envelopes to make your ticket stick out in the mail.  Another cool thing about our ticket invitations?  They ship out within just 1 business day!  So for all of you last -minute shoppers, ticket invitations are perfect for you.

Check out some of our favorite ticket stub invitations below and make a touchdown with your Superbowl party invitations!

Men’s Birthday Invitations

Friday, January 6th, 2012

He’s your dad.  Your husband.  Your boyfriend.  Your best friend.  The Mr. fix-it, the can-do guy, the motorcycle or sports fanatic…the one you count on to cheer you up after a bad day.  For all the things he is to you, celebrate the special man in your life on his birthday with an unforgettable party in his honor, with all of his family and friends there to cheer him on.  Choose a themed party if he has a special interest, whether it’s sports, cigars, tailgating, beer tasting, music, boating or grilling out…or keep it simple with a small gathering of friends at a restaurant, pub or favorite meeting place.

Our collection of men’s birthday party invitations will help you set the scene for your party, whether it’s planned or a complete surprise for the honoree-to-be.  Send your party invitations out about 3-4 weeks before the main event so that everyone can plan on attending his big day.  Check out some of our most popular birthday party invitations for him below….

Golf Club & Ball Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Perfect for the golf-fanatic, this sporty invitation will get your guests excited for a day out on the putting green, whether he’s pro-status or simply wishes he was, (don’t we all)!  This digitally printed invitation features a large vibrant blue and grey golf club which stands next to a white authentic-looking golf ball which sits in a large patch of grass.  Add two fonts to make his name truly stand out on the invitation or an envelope liner to your envelopes to create a coordinating ensemble.  These invitations are available with coordinating golf ball return address labels and top fold thank you notes so that he has all he needs from the early stages or party planning to the days after his event.

Suited Up Red Caucasion Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Sports and beer not his thing?  If you’re man is all about class, this classic and stately formal party invitation is for you.  The trim invitation features a deep navy background with a man wearing a black and white suit on the left side with a red neck tie.  This invitation is available in Caucasian and African American so that you can make sure that the card looks like your honoree.  We also offer the card with alternate background and tie colors to coordinate with his personal style or your party theme.  Perfect for those hosting a formal birthday affair.

3 Square Photo Red Digital Photo Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – One of the most fun things about his birthday is looking back at all of the years passed that you have to celebrate!  Our newest line of his birthday party invitations features pictures from all of the years he’s been through from his first steps to his wild college days to his current retirement days.  This particular invitation features a red patterned background with his party details and birthday year along with three generational photographs over the years.  Choose from a variety of colored backgrounds, depending on his style, from red to green, blue, teal, purple, light blue or black.  Create a complete coordinating ensemble with matching return address labels and folded thank you notes.  This invitation will soon turn into a keepsake, for sure!

Ready to start planning a birthday blowout he’ll never forget?  Shop our entire Men’s Birthday Invitation collection!


Around the Clock Baby Shower Invitations

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

‘Tick. Tock.’ goes the clock…Pretty soon she’s gonna pop!  If you have someone in your family or group of friends who is expecting, and the due date is coming soon, now is the time to celebrate and shower her with love and gifts to prepare her for the big day.  Whether you’re hosting a shower or a sprinkle, (a baby shower for someone who already has children), you’ll need a baby shower theme to set the scene for her special baby shower day.

One of the more recent baby shower themes we’ve seen lately has been an around the clock themed baby shower!  This type of shower helps your guests choose what kinds of gifts to purchase for the expecting mommy-to-be, and helps her to receive a variety of gifts, rather than fifteen sleepers and only one daytime outfit!

Start planning your shower by sending out an around the clock baby shower invitation that sets the scene and tone for your event.  Start with one of our colorful invitations, one that has light pinks, greys and browns if your having a girl, or blue, aqua, red or greens if you’re having a boy.  If the sex of your baby is unknown, stick with neutral colors of yellow, green or multi-colored so that there is no confusion for your guests – you don’t want your baby boy wearing a dress or your little girl wearing a pair of blue train overalls!  Our around the clock invitations feature cuckoo clocks, old fashioned alarm clocks and antique scrolling hanging clocks, depending on your personal style, or the style of the mommy-to-be.   We also have more modern designs with clock patterns for the contemporary mom.

On your around the clock invitation, be sure to leave a blank line in your wording, to indicate what time the guest should purchase a gift for.  Once you receive your shower invitations and begin to send them out, fill-in the line with “morning, afternoon or evening” or a specific time, if you prefer.  If you know the mommy-to-be needs more night items or bath items, be sure to tailor your guest list around that.

Need some gift ideas for the time you’re assigned?

Morning – think items that Mommy will need for the baby when they wake up – blankets, bottles, diapers, changing table, wipes

Afternoon – daytime outfits, bibs, bottles, toys, books, bouncers, baby swings

Night – blankets, diapers, sleepers, onesies, bath toys, soap/bath essentials, towels

Ready to host your own around the clock baby shower?  Start when the clock strikes twelve with these contemporary around the clock baby shower invitations

Mardi Gras Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Mardi Gras is just around the corner – mark your calendars this year for February 21, 2012!  Mardi Gras is French for ‘Fat Tuesday’ which is often referred to as part of the carnival season – and marks the last night of eating largely before fasting for Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday.  Americans mostly recognize this colorful holiday as a time to wear masks and costumes, beads and host social events with dancing, sporting competitions and colorful parades.

It’s also become a very popular party theme for a multitude of events from corporate parties to sweet 16 parties or even weddings.  Even if not held on the literal Fat Tuesday, a Mardi Gras themed party is fun for anyone hosting any type of event- who doesn’t want to come to a party in disguise with a mask and flashy outfit and collect beads all night?

Set the scene for your Mardi Gras themed party with a colorful Mardi Gras invitation to match.  Full of traditional Mardi Gras colors in purple, green, yellow, gold and red, our Mardi Gras invitations features a variety of styles and designs, depending on the formality or purpose for your party.  For those hosting a masquerade, choose from intricately detailed mask invitations and ask your guests to attend in disguise.  For those hosting a Mardi Gras themed wedding, we have photo Mardi Gras save the date cards which feature your digital photograph along with a harlequin patterned background with fleur de lis or mask accents.  We also offer casual and vibrant party invitations with colorful beads, Mardi Gras die-cut wigglers and feathery masks.

If you’re going a bit more traditional with your party theme, back to the blues, jazz and feel of the New Orleans origination, choose from music themed jazz invitations, streetcar invitations, watercolor blues designs, fleur de lis or vintage cocktail designs.

Set the party scene for your Mardi Gras themed party with green or purple table cloths with gold accents.  Decorate your party room with masks and beads galore and hand out beads to your guests as they arrive.  Ask them to put their beads on the person with the best mask – and the person at the end of the night with the most beads wins a special prize.  Serve up some traditional Cajun food, be it crawfish, gumbo, creole or a King cake.  Offer your guests a New Orleans Hurricane and toast to this fun, fabulous holiday!

Take a look below at some of our most popular Mardi Gras themed party invitations and party like a rockstar at your Fat Tuesday masquerade…