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Southern Party Invitations & Ideas

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Being located in North Carolina, we tend to be considered the start of the southern states.  It amazes me when people call us hicks and rednecks, as most of us are quite classy, thank you very much!  The south has so many traditions and so much history that we take pride in.  Southern themed parties truly embrace our southern heritage, whether you’re celebrating with a western party, a pig pick’n, a southern belle tea party or a Kentucky Derby event.

Yesterday a customer contacted me looking for a white bible party invitation.  It was a brand new party theme to me, and I thus was instantly interested to learn about this old southern party tradition that I had not yet heard of!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find very much information on this fun event, but I felt compelled to share the party idea with our readers, in case you wanted to put a modern twist on an old party tradition.

The customer explained to me that a white bible party is essentially a bridal shower in which everyone comes wearing white gloves and large southern belle hats.  The fun part?  Along with the fancy hats and gloves, you dawn your gaudiest jewelry, blue jeans and a white t-shirt!  I bet this party makes for some great photographs!  At the party, instead of gifts, each guest gives the bride advice for her marriage, some funny, and some serious.  All in all, it sounds like an amazingly fun time with your close girlfriends as you celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials.

If you’re looking for other southern party invitations, browse our tea party invitations which feature posh and classic tea party scenes with women doing what they do best – socializing with their gal pals.  For something a bit more casual, you can browse our western party invitations which will help you bring the heart of the south to your everyday barbecue event.  Choose our denim blue jeans invitations, cowboy boot invitations, couple barbeque invitations, wanted themed invitations or cowboy hat invitations.

Let your southern pride shine with a southern party invitation like one of the fun invitations below…

Wine Party Invitations

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

What’s a few bottles of wine between friends?  Wine parties can be swanky, chic, elegant or just what the doctor ordered after a long drawn-out week at work!  There’s nothing better than relaxing the worries of the day away with a glass of wine, and when good conversation, music and great food is involved, you can’t go wrong!

Wine parties are great for those looking for an excuse to gather with friends, but can also work wonderfully for an engagement party, adult birthday party, bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner.  When planning your wine party, have a variety of wines on-hand, from reds to white, depending on your guests individual taste.  Wine tasting parties are great because you can educate your guests on the types of wine they’re trying, and they just might want to even take a bottle home with them!  If you’re doing a tasting, be sure to have plenty of wine crackers on hand and offer cheese or fruit so that everyone is able to safely drive home, and clean their palette between each sip.  You can also ask your friends to bring their own favorite bottle of wine to share.  If you’re having a “stock the bar” party, each guest can bring a bottle of wine or liquor for the bride and groom to be.

Our collection of wine party invitations and wine tasting invitations will help you set the tone for your upcoming classy event, whether wine will be the main dinner accompaniment or perhaps your inviting your guests to a wine tasting.  Choose from modern wine party invitation designs in die-cut shapes of wine bottles, like the one above, or a compilation of different card stocks which create a wine glass motif.  Our elegant wine party invitations feature wine glass motifs, images of grapes and fruit and classy invitation patterns.  For a girl’s wine night, we also have wine bottle invitations, trendy wine glass invitations and swanky bar scenes.  For wine party rehearsal dinner  invitations we offer old Italy scenes which feature barrels of wine outside a wine cellar or an old street view of the Bellagio.

Your wine party is bound to be a pretty swanky event, and there’s no reason why your invitation shouldn’t portray that.  Take a look at some of our favorite wine party invitations and set the bar for your next wine themed event.

Thank You Note Etiquette

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There’s no better way to thank someone for a gift or a kind gesture than a hand-written note.  Sometimes it seems like we’ve forgotten how to pick up a pen lately, with the whole technology, ‘need to have it now’, craze.  We forget how impersonal texting, emailing or calling can be, and facebook thus becomes one of our main forms of communication.  In the etiquette world?  SO WRONG.

Make an impression upon your recipient, just as they did on you with their kind gift or gesture, by sending a hand written thank you note.  It doesn’t have to be long, in-depth or hard to write, but just a simple “Dear Friend, Thank you so much for the lovely flowers you sent when I was sick.  They truly brightened up my room and made me think of you daily.  Can’t wait to see you in July!  Love, Tara” is significant.  When writing a thank you note, you simply need to thank the recipient, mention the gift and then maybe add a funny or nice comment about the gift or the event they attended.  Sign your name and you’re all set!

Just how long should, (0r can), you wait to send out a thank you note?  For brides who are likely bombarded with gifts, you should send your thank you notes within three months of your wedding date.  If you’ve been caught up in wedding life and it’s four months out, send a thank you note anyway, even if it’s late.  A late thank you note is always better than no thank you note at all!  For a more casual event, one to two months is more appropriate.  The easiest thing to do is to send a thank you note a week or two after receiving any gift you receive.  Especially for brides, this can be extremely helpful.  That way you’re not up to your eyeballs in gifts and thank you notes to write, the day you return from your honeymoon trip!

Remember that pre-printed thank you notes are never an acceptable option, according to proper etiquette.  They are considered tacky all the way around, and may even offend some guests.  If you have children writing a thank you note, choose a fill-in thank you note instead of a blank canvas where it can be very hard to write.  If you are ill, remember it is always acceptable to have a close friend or relative write your thank you notes for you.  If none of the above, and you just have two hundred thank you notes to write for a sweet 16 or your wedding, make it easy on yourself and make a goal to write out 3-5 thank you notes each night before bed.  You’ll be done quicker than you know it and everyone will be pleased with you taking time to hand write that many notes.  Nobody wants to offend Grandma by sending her the same thank you note you sent to your entire guest list!

When choosing your stationery, remember that women traditionally use an ivory or white folded note with their names on the front center or their monogrammed initials.  Men typically use flat note cards in white or ivory.  If the couple is married, most of the time folded wedding stationery is used.  Make sure you choose stationery that best reflects your style and personality – if you enjoy looking at the notes when you write them, they’re more fun to write, and your guest will know that it’s from you, as soon as they open that envelope!

Tangerine Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Friday, February 24th, 2012

It’s always exciting to see what the most popular wedding colors will be for the upcoming wedding season every year.  Did you predict this one?  Tangerine is one of the most popular wedding colors you’ll see for 2012 weddings…and believe it or not, it’s a really easy color to coordinate with!  I was surprised in doing some research today at how many weddings have used tangerine as a main or accent color, and how truly beautiful it is!

Some of the most popular color combinations with tangerine that I have found are tangerine & pink, tangerine & yellow or tangerine & aqua.  The below wedding montage will help you visualize just how vibrant your wedding can be by adding a splash of bright color.  Tangerine themed weddings are most popular for spring and summer months, however you could make a gorgeous fall wedding using tangerine with chocolate, red or black.  Use your imagination and make what you dream possible for your big day!

We start our wedding inspiration with a tangerine and pink save the date card which features a vibrant modern design with a hot pink background and tangerine dots to encircle your wedding date.  We follow up the save the date card with a formal wedding invitation from Birchcraft Studios.  This five-paneled invitation features scalloped edges and a light tangerine outer border along with the names of the bride and groom.  The wedding invitation is wrapped with a tangerine striped chiffon ribbon for elegant presentation.  Your invitations include double envelopes and tissue – and a tangerine envelope liner can also be added for a little modern elegance.

For your wedding day, add splashes of tangerine or pink to your wedding day details, from the sash that wraps the brides bodice of her wedding gown, her high heel shoes or a pair of earrings.  Carry a bouquet of tangerine and hot pink Gerber daisies down the aisle will make for a gorgeous bouquet, and you can carry this theme to the boxes for your wedding favors, which can have a daisy on the top (fake or real).  Add a pink or tangerine chiffon sash to each chair to coordinate your wedding reception, and use tangerine linens or flowers as each centerpiece.  Coordinate a traditional white wedding cake with a pink or tangerine silk wrap on each layer, and top the cake with a blooming lily or tropical tangerine flower.  Dress your bridesmaids in tangerine dresses, or split with some bridesmaids in pink dresses and some in tangerine.  Groomsman and the groom can wear black or white tuxes with pink floral boutonnieres.

Feeling inspired?  Take your wedding colors and run with it to create a really special and coordinated look for your big day!

Summer Party Invitations

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

I know what you’re thinking…a summer party blog in February?  That’s crazy!  Truth be told, it’s going to be 75 degrees in North Carolina today…I had to double-check my weather report this morning because I thought, there’s no way that we had snow on Sunday and it’s going to be 75 degrees outside today!  But it’s warming up already and for those of us that enjoy getting a tan, global warming is doing it’s job, I guess.  I think this is one of the warmest winters I’ve seen in North Carolina.

If you live in one of our warm weather states or simply are pre-planning for a party a few months ahead, we’ve got the perfect summer party invitations to make your beach themed party a splash!  Our summer party invitations feature beach party invitations, pool party invitations and tropical party invitations depending on what type of summer bash you’re hosting.

If you’re hosting a tropical themed party or wedding, choose from tropical ocean scene invitations, tiki hut invitations, luau invitations, hawaiian flower invitations, tropical drink invitations, sea shell invitations or palm tree invitations so that your guests feel like they can feel the tranquil breezes as soon as they open your invitation envelope.  If you’re hosting a pool party for the kids we have a variety of pool party invitations that the kids will flip over.  Choose a from a  pool background invitation filled with colorful pool toys, little kids splashing in a pool or a water slide wiggler invitation.  We also offer fun summer party invitations for the more mature summer crowd which features citrus bordered invitations, summer cocktails, Popsicle invitations, flip flop invitations, posh pool scene invitations, tanning poolside invitations, coral print border invitations and ocean invitations.  Let your invitation make an impression on your guests with a summer invitation that previews your fun event ahead.

So what are you waiting for?  Put on your flippers and sport that bikini proudly – we’ve got the perfect tropical invitations to make your next summer party a splash!  Visit our blog daily and maybe we’ll send some sunshine from NC your way ;)!

Race Car Party Invitations

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The wind ripping through the stands.  The revving of fifty engines ringing in your eardrums.  The promise of at least one car wreck right in front of your seats.  The flag is about to drop and you hear, “Gentlemen, start your engines!!”

There’s nothing like going to a real Nascar race, and if you’re one of the lucky ones who has been to an actual race and sat close enough to get tar and rubber tire pieces on your face, you know how exciting it can be!  Nascar themed parties are some of the most popular kids themed parties we see, as well as a theme for some grown-up party themes, too!  With the Daytona 500 race set to kick-off on February 26th, (this Sunday), I found it only appropriate to share a few kids racing party ideas with you.

When planning a kids race car party, you’ll want to bring forward all of the things you love most about attending a car race.  Whether you take the kids to a speedway to race or learn about cars, or take the kids to a go-cart track, you’re bound to have a great time.  If you don’t have a local track near you, consider having the kids build their own mini race cars at the party and race them down a hill on your street.  Fastest car wins, of course!  For decorations to your party, create your own race car driver cutouts of your child’s favorite driver.  Leave the head off of the cutout so that you can take fun pictures of the kids, which can also make your party favors later.  Check your local party store for race car themed decorations including cups, plates and silverware themed for your child’s favorite driver.  If your child’s favorite driver is sponsored by M&M’s or another fun brand, decorate your party with that brand’s theme, too!

Set your party food table scene with a black and white checkered tablecloth and offer trophy cups for drinks.  Serve up some roadside favorites like lemonade, deep-fried snickers, popcorn and peanuts.  Make a cake that looks like a racetrack or your child’s favorite racecar driver’s car or number!

Set the scene for your party with a racing invitation that will rev your guests’ engines!  Choose from race car fill-in invitations and race car fill-in thank you notes or a sporty 8.5 x 11 inch designer paper if you want a flyer-style invitation.  We also offer whimsical race car kid party invitations and ticket stub invitations if you want the kids to feel like they’re getting an exclusive ticket to your own Nascar event.  We also have race track and speedway invitations if you’re headed out for a day at the track!

Checkout some of our favorite kids racing invitations below and race to the finish-line at your kids next party!

Kids Easter Party Invitations

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

I know what you’re thinking…Easter already?!  We haven’t even hit St. Patrick’s Day yet!!  Just this morning I happened to be looking at my calendar when I realized that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday…where has the time gone, 2012?  This could only mean that Easter is going to come early this year, which it is, on Sunday, April 8th!

If you have a child with a spring birthday, an Easter themed birthday party is a great idea for a party theme!  Invite the kids over for an Easter egg hunt to celebrate the birthday boy or girl, and the person who finds the most eggs will win a large Easter basket or a fun party prize.  Have activities for the kids like coloring or decorating Easter eggs, weaving your own basket, or pin the ears on the Easter bunny.  Decorate your child’s party scene with blue table cloths and pastel party accessories with pastel pink plates, pastel yellow napkins and pastel purple cups.  Serve up some spring themed cupcakes with chocolate Easter eggs on top and frosting that looks like grass.  Send each kid home with a basket of Easter candy or a plastic egg filled with jellybeans.

To set the scene for your party, start with a kids Easter birthday party invitation from our Easter invitation collection.  Choose from Easter bunny invitations, Easter egg invitations, Easter basket invitations and Easter egg hunt themed invitations.  We also offer pastel colored invitations will filigree eggs, baby chicks, baby bunnies and iconic Easter designs.  Inviting Company also offers an Easter egg hunt invitation with a boy and girl wearing bunny ears at a hunt which is great for gender neutral Easter parties.  Need something a bit more mature for an adult Easter party invitation?  Check out our elegant Easter invitations which feature watercolor designs of Easter eggs, Easter Baskets and Spring scenes of welcoming door walkways and spring flowers.

If you’re looking for a gift for an Easter birthday or a baby gift for  your child’s first Easter, remember that we also offer Easter stuffed animals and my first Easter terrycloth bibs and burper pad sets!

Check out a small preview of our Easter invitations and gifts below and hop to it!


Celebrate President’s Day – Patriotic Invitations

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone!  Most of us are still working on this patriotic holiday, but if you’re one of the lucky ones off from work today, we hope you’re celebrating with a tall glass of American pride!

Presidents’ Day is a day that we honor our American presidents from the past, and specifically George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who were actually born in February.  Both founders have reshaped our country and gave us the freedom that we live each and every day.  Take a moment today to remember each of our presidents and how lucky we are to live in the land of the free.

I found it extremely appropriate today to blog about our patriotic party invitations, as we head into the summer months very soon.  Patriotic invitations are perfect for those celebrating Labor Day, Memorial Day or Independence Day (July 4th).  They are also great for summer barbecue parties, as well as an invitation to a party for a soldier coming home from overseas or a send-off party for a soldier heading overseas!  You may have a friend joining the Peace Corps that is heading out of the country to help others that you may want to celebrate too – the possibilities are endless and red, white and blue are some of our favorite party theme colors!

Our patriotic invitations feature  a variety of styles, colors and designs depending on the theme or reason for your party, as well as the formality of your event.  For those having a casual or laid-back patriotic party, choose from red, white and blue invitations, large party buckets of American flags and beer, stars and stripes themes and die-cut party invitations.  For those celebrating a bit more of a formal affair we offer screened American flag designs, layered invitations with vellum overlays and ribbons, watercolor lake scene invitations and firework themed invitations.  For those having a patriotic summer barbecue, we offer family picnic style invitations with table cloth borders, plates of BBQ food or party scenes with friends and family.  We even have ticket stub style invitations that resemble baseball ticket stubs – America’s favorite pastime – which are available in red, silver and blue themes with matching colored envelopes of your choice.

Celebrate our freedom as you walk about today and remember the presidents that have shaped our past…

Kids Circus Party Invitations

Friday, February 17th, 2012

If there’s one place we all loved as a kid it’s the circus!  Just this past weekend I was lucky enough to score tickets to the circus when they came to Raleigh and I can’t tell you enough how cool it was!  From the animals to the trapeze, dancing, balancing and fire cannon acts, I was thoroughly impressed and on the edge of my seat!  We took the kids and they were ecstatic over this three hour event!

With all of the excitement, it got me thinking – this would make a great theme for a young child’s birthday party!  We always do wedding montages and inspiration blogs – but why not do a kids circus blog instead?!  So here we are folks…step right up and celebrate your child’s next birthday and take a few ideas below along with you!

To set the scene for your kids circus party, choose a circus party invitation from our kids birthday party invitation collection!  We offer a wide variety of invitations and have chosen our Carnival Invitation by Checkerboard below which features a circus program style printing on the invitation, as well as a circus hot air balloon envelope liner to top it all off.  A little too mature for your taste?  We also offer a few different kids cartoon circus party invitations which feature your favorite circus animals – lions, tigers and elephants.    Decorate your party invitation envelopes with a self-inking circus animal stamp with a circus horse or balancing circus elephant.

Create a magical party scene filled with all the things we love about the circus.  Decorate with jungle themed stuff animals, vibrant colors and maybe even have your own petting zoo or face painting station.  Have a clown stop by for a magic show and send each kid home with their own balloon animal of their choice!  Snacks for your party will be a snap, too!  Serve up candy lollipops, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream or rainbow ice cones.  You can even crate your own circus animal cake pops instead of a traditional cake or cupcake.  For party favors, send each child home with a magic toy, a box of Barnums Animal crackers, a deck of cards or a fun circus candy treat.  You can even ask the kids to come dressed in their favorite vibrant attire – set up the birthday boy or girl as the ring leader of the whole circus!

Need some party inspiration?  Check out our circus party ideas and be sure to share your own with us!  Your party is sure to be the talk of the town!

Girls Night Out Invitations

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Let’s face it girls…sometimes we just need a night out where we leave the boys at home and do what we do best – celebrate how awesome it is to be a girl!  Whether it’s your birthday, a bachelorette party or maybe even just an excuse to get out for a night, a girls night out party is a must!  There’s something so fun about cocktails and spending time with your girlfriends – it seems to melt the stresses of the day (or month) away!  If you’re on the single end of the scale, it can be a great time to find that handsome prince you’ve been looking for – if your girlfriends approve, of course!

Need some suggestions for your girls night out?  Ask your girlfriends to put on their sassiest attire, their little black dress and their highest heeled shoes so that you’re the hottest thing that enters the bar!  Make sure you have a designated driver or take a limo or cab ride to your favorite restaurant, bar or club for some appetizers, cocktails and dancing.  You may even want to have a monthly girls’ night where you do a different activity that you all enjoy each month – from cocktails in January to cooking in March, a spa day in June and a ski trip in December.  If you want to keep things a little more low-key for your girls night – send the boys out to a sports game or a movie and have your own movie night in-house with your gal-pals.  Pop up some popcorn, serve up some spiked smoothies, break out the home pedicure kit and the trash tabloid magazines and get ready for a full-on girl themed night!

Make sure all of your girlfriends can attend your girls night with a girls night out invitation to coordinate with your girls’ night theme.  Choose from cityscape invitations, animal print invitations, beauty themed invitations, dance club themed invitations or die-cut themed invitations.  Our girls night out invitations feature vibrant girly colors in hot shades of pink and purple mixed with black and white or red.  We also offer invitations that capture girls doing what they do best – hanging with their girlfriends!

Check out some of our newest and favorite girls night out invitations below and set the scene for your next girls-only event!