Tea Party Invitations

Tea for two?  Two for tea?  The very first time we set up our own tea party with our friends, we begin dreaming of what it will be like to be an adult – to sip tea with our friends in fancy dresses and big party hats.  It’s a fun game that I played many times as a child, and one my nieces play on a daily basis, whether they’re inviting their mom to join them, or the teddy bear of the day.

Tea party invitations are some of our most popular themed party invitations, for both children and adults.  They are great for kids birthday party invitations as well as bridal luncheons, bridal teas or get-togethers with your girlfriends, as an adult.

Our kids tea party invitations feature cartoon tea party scenes that appeal to the girly-girls.  They feature pink and purple tea sets with yummy cupcakes and heart decorated china.  We also offer tea cup invitations with fashionable polka dots and little girls dressed up in their ‘tea party best’ as they host their very own tea party.  When hosting a kids tea party, you can use “pretend tea” by serving up hot chocolate instead of an un-sweetened tea.  Or, use an apple cider or kool-aid mix that looks like tea.  Serve small cupcakes and finger foods to reduce mess, and let the kids dress up for the occasion.  Offer dress up clothes, feather boas, big sunglasses, large hats, high heels and pretend makeup.

Our adult tea party invitations feature a bit of a more mature design featuring antique blue and white china like Grandma used to have, watercolor tea table scenes, ladies wearing large summer hats at a tea party and bridal tea scenes with tailored topiary and bridal themed tablescapes.  We also offer a chic tea party invitation with two sophisticated women chatting, for a more intimate tea gathering.  Check your local spa or high-end hotel to see if they offer a tea service, as many of them do offer a four-course tea.  Ask your guests to dress in their best and bring a large hat, should they prefer, and be prepared to relax and enjoy the company of your female friends.

Check out some of our favorite tea party invitations below and set the scene for your sophisticated party…


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