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Couple’s Shower Invitations

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We all know the scene of the typical bridal shower…the bride is showered by gifts, bridesmaids and girlfriends as they gush about wedding details, plans for the wedding and the cute gesture the groom made the night before.  The bride spends most of her shower opening gifts and playing ice breaker games.  You might be thinking…well, what about the groom?  Doesn’t he deserve a shower or party before he heads down the aisle, too?

Many bride and grooms today have taken to the idea of a couple’s shower as opposed to the traditional bridal shower, which was held just for the bride-to-be.  A couple’s shower is typically more like a cocktail party, barbecue or dinner party where friends, family and co-workers are invited, female AND male.  Gifts are still given at the shower, however they are more geared to the soon-to-be-married couple, rather than just the bride.  Some guests may even bring gifts that are just for the groom or just for the bride, or one of each.  These types of showers are really great for the bride and groom who have been living together for a while or the inseparable bride and groom, (yes, we know you’re out there), who just don’t want to be celebrating if it’s not with their other half.

Since you’re going a bit off of the traditional path for your couple’s shower, feel free to add a theme into the mix, to make the shower more fun for everyone attending.  Choose an interest of the bride and groom like an 80’s themed shower if the bride and groom grew up in the 80’s, a beach shower if the bride and groom will be wed by the ocean, a board game shower if you want to step your game up, a sports themed shower for the sport fanatic couple or an around the world shower if the couple travels often, or met overseas.

Feel free to have separate activities at your shower if you feel that the men need some “men” things to do, and vice versa for the women at the shower.  If the groom is into sports, have the game on in the back room or set up basketball in the driveway while the women sip cocktails on your patio.  Make it a fun event for everyone to attend and celebrate.

Set the scene for your bridal shower with a unique couple’s shower invitation.  We offer a variety of couple’s styles that feature the bride and groom together along with your couple’s shower theme.  Choose from wedding scenes with the bride and groom, the bride and groom carrying piles of gifts, love bird themes, bride and groom barbecue invitations or bride and groom fiesta themed invitations.  We also offer his and hers shower invitations which is great if you want to give your guests a few ideas for gifts for the bride and groom.  Most invitations feature a “his” side and a “hers” side with gifts for the kitchen, grill, garden or workshop.  Choose one of our ‘looks like me’ invitations or a shower invitation that coordinates with your wedding colors.

Check out some of our fun couple’s bridal shower invitations below and set the scene at your couple’s shower!