Sweet 16 Party Invitations

You only turn 16 once…and if you ask most girls, they STILL remember their sixteenth birthday party and how special it was, even if it’s ten to twenty years later!  It’s when you start becoming more independent, learn to drive, purchase your first car and maybe even receive your first curfew!

As a parent, we know you want to make sure your daughter’s sweet 16 is as special as you remember yours, or…maybe even make it better!  If you’ve ever watched MTV with your kids, you’ve seen the “Sweet 16” show where kids throw the most lavish of parties for their sweet 16.  Now, whether that’s in your budget or your child’s style is up to you, but we’ve piled together a few sweet 16 party ideas to help you plan her perfect Sweet 16!  Start by thinking about your daughter’s style and interests or her favorite activities at school.  Is she sporty, a diva, a cheerleader or dancer or really into music?  Take her favorite pastime and spin it into a party she’ll never forget.

1.  Bling – decorate with diamonds, gold silver – anything shiny and over the top.  Ask your guests to all dress in white or black and then have the birthday girl dress in full color to stand out!

2.  Decades – ask your guests to dress in their best 80’s attire and tailor your music and decorations to her favorite decade

3.  White Chic – ask your guests to dress in white and create an elegant and chic dance party

4.  Karaoke – for the music enthusiast, host your own karaoke party and have everyone come dressed as their favorite superstar and sing one of their songs

5.  Limo Party – have a limo pick up the birthday girl and her guests and drive all over town for makeovers, hair, nails and maybe a trip to the local theatre or mall

6.  Scavenger Hunt – create two to four teams at your party with scavenger hunt lists given to each group.  Take photos doing each of the things on the list to share when you get back.  The first group to get back to the starting point wins!

7.  Masquerade Ball – ask your guests to come dressed in disguise in their favorite mask for a masquerade.  Turn your party Mardi Gras themed and really dress up the room with beads and traditional Mardi Gras flare.

Ready to start planning your own Sweet 16 party?  Set the scene for your event with a Sweet 16 party invitation from our abundant collection!  No matter which theme she’s chosen for her sweet 16, we have the perfect party invitation to set the bar high for her event.  Choose from VIP pass ticket invitations for an exclusive sweet 16 party, car key themed invitations for the girl about to receive her first car, a digital photo party invitation if you want to share a photo of the birthday girl to be, diamond themed invitations for those who need a little extra bling in their lives or a young, fun and chic invitation for the birthday girl keeping her party low key with a few close girlfriends.

Check out some of our newest and favorite sweet 16 invitations below and start planning her dream Sweet 16!


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