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Display Baby Shower Invitations

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Are you one of those girls who hates opening gifts in front of other people?  After your last baby shower did you feel like you never even had the chance to socialize with your guests?  One of the latest trends in baby showers is what is called a “Display Baby Shower” in which guests bring unwrapped gifts to the shower to display in the background while playing baby shower games, socializing and noshing on treats.  It is meant to “free up” the expecting mommy-to-be so that she can truly mingle with her guests.

Some honorees prefer this type of shower if they want to “go green” and save trees on tons of wrapping paper from fifty or so guests.  Or, it may be that the mommy-to-be has been on bed rest and can’t use her energy for opening a ton of presents.  You may also have a very shy mommy-to-be who doesn’t like to be the center of attention during her shower at all times.  It also takes the pressure off for making sure you thank everyone enough or make the right reaction to a gift.

I did a bit of research on a display shower, as to me the idea seemed a bit impersonal.  But, as the times are changing, so are our milestone events!  After reading columns, blogs and posts about display showers, it sounds like most people are on-board with this new baby shower theme!  Many guests of the shower reported that they really dislike sitting down for two hours watching the mommy-to-be open present after present.  They’d rather socialize with the guest of honor and shower her with love.  Other honorees that had display showers said they loved not having to be the focus of everyone’s attention the entire time.

Be prepared that not everybody will be thrilled with your shower theme – i.e. the more traditional friends and family members that you have.  We all know we come to a baby shower to shower the mommy-to-be with gifts, but asking your guests on your baby shower invitation not to wrap them is still presumptuous, as you are thus assuming everyone is bringing a gift.  Hopefully after they attend your fun-filled baby shower, they will be on board for future display showers!

If you decide to have your own display shower, be sure to hand write baby shower thank you notes to each guest shortly after your baby shower.  As your guests won’t get to see your reaction in-person to their gift, you’ll really want to express your gratitude for the gifts in your note.  As your guests arrive, be sure they have gift tags on their gifts so that the mommy-to-be knows who gave her the gift.  If you notice a guest bringing a gift without a tag, have a few handy to let them fill out and attach to their gift.

Check out some of our display baby shower invitations below and set the scene for your very unique shower!