Card Stock Upgrades for Invitations

There’s so many little details that go into your invitations – some you wouldn’t even think about when browsing for your invitations.  As most, what I like to call, “stationery-snobs” know is that all papers have different thicknesses and chemical makeups which make them unique.  We print most of our invitations on white or ivory card stock, but if you pay close attention to each item’s details, you’ll realize we list them by weight in pounds.  Most card stocks are around 100 pounds – to which you may be thinking, how does one invitation weigh 100 pounds?  Truth is, it doesn’t…it’s based on X number of pounds per 500 sheets.  Aah, now it makes sense!

If you’re concerned with paper weight, you want to here on the heavier end of card stock choices.  Anything below 1oo pound is going to be a lighter weight stock.  100 – 110 pound is medium and then 120+ is typically considered heavy.  The heaviest card stock we print invitations on in-house is 130 pound white cover stock.

When placing your invitation order, you may notice that we offer several card stock upgrade options before you get to checkout.  These upgrades do cost additional, but they may help you enhance your invitation in a way you never thought of before…

Recycled Card Stock Invitations – Ready to do your part and reduce your affect on the environment?  We offer a recycled card stock upgrade on most invitations in which the card stock content is made up of recycled stock.  If you’ve made the conscious effort in your life to “go green”, recycled party invitations are for you.  Remember that a recycled card will not be a true white like a normal invitation because of it’s post-consumer recycled content.  You may see bits of fiber and slight imperfections in the card stock.   This card stock upgrade is only done in 100 pound card stock.

Crystal / Quartz Shimmer Card Stock Invitations – Is the honoree all about the bling?  Let her inner diva shine with our shimmer card stock upgrade.  Our shimmer stock is very similar in nature to that of the shimmer in a car paint.  Subtle yet truly striking, it’s our most popular upgraded stock.  Remember, shimmer card stock upgrades look best on party invitations that have a white or very light background.  When you use shimmer card stock on a very dark background card you will not notice the shimmery nature that you’re looking for.  Shimmer card stock is 105 pounds thickness.

Rounded Corners Invitations – Our newest card stock upgrade – rounded corners.  It’s a very simple and easy upgrade, which can really make all the difference when holding your invitations!  It gives your invitation a very homemade look, and looks great in a scrapbook or as a keepsake.  It also makes your invitations stand out against others.  When choosing this upgrade your card’s dimensions will remain the same, however it will have a 0.25 inch radius in each corner.

Remember when ordering your invitations that samples are available before order placement.  If you’re ever concerned about an invitation’s look in person, or the quality of a card – order a sample!!  We can also send samples on upgraded card stocks, upon request!

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