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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  From all of us at, we’d like to wish our lovely customers a very special and happy V-Day, whether you’re coupled up and feeling romantic tonight, single and ready to mingle or maybe even hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party tonight, (hey, it could happen)!    Be sure to shower your loved one with love, chocolates and a teddy bear today, or maybe take a step outside of your comfort zone if you’re single and send a Valentine to your secret crush today… you just never know!

In the spirit of love, I thought it might be appropriate to do an anniversary party blog today, celebrating those who have beat the odds and are still together after 20, 30, 40 or maybe even 50 years!  Just the other day I did an invitation for a customer who was celebrating she and her husband’s 60th wedding anniversary.  How’s that for dedication, passion and love?!  It seems our younger generation has a very cavalier attitude toward marriage these days and we should celebrate those who make it work every day!

Celebrating your anniversary is such a fun and exciting time, not only for you, but for the people in your life, whether it’s your friends, your family or maybe even your children!  The most common celebrated anniversaries are your tenth, twenty-fifth (silver) or your fiftieth (golden).  Our anniversary party invitations will help you celebrate your big day and set the scene for your event.  Our anniversary party invitations feature mature designs that celebrate and showcase how strong and special your love for one another is.  Choose from elegant gold and silver damask patterns, monogrammed invitations, delicate bordered invitations, antique frame invitations, scrolling patterns, shimmering layered cards, colorful pocket invitations with satin ribbons or go casual with a ticket stub invitation with your party as the main event.  You may even want to invite your guests to witness you reaffirm your vows to one another – a very popular event for couples celebrating their anniversary.

Take a look at some of our most popular anniversary invitations below and celebrate your parent’s anniversary  – or maybe even your own!  Congratulations on years of love shared, and many more to come!

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