Celebrate President’s Day – Patriotic Invitations

Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone!  Most of us are still working on this patriotic holiday, but if you’re one of the lucky ones off from work today, we hope you’re celebrating with a tall glass of American pride!

Presidents’ Day is a day that we honor our American presidents from the past, and specifically George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who were actually born in February.  Both founders have reshaped our country and gave us the freedom that we live each and every day.  Take a moment today to remember each of our presidents and how lucky we are to live in the land of the free.

I found it extremely appropriate today to blog about our patriotic party invitations, as we head into the summer months very soon.  Patriotic invitations are perfect for those celebrating Labor Day, Memorial Day or Independence Day (July 4th).  They are also great for summer barbecue parties, as well as an invitation to a party for a soldier coming home from overseas or a send-off party for a soldier heading overseas!  You may have a friend joining the Peace Corps that is heading out of the country to help others that you may want to celebrate too – the possibilities are endless and red, white and blue are some of our favorite party theme colors!

Our patriotic invitations feature  a variety of styles, colors and designs depending on the theme or reason for your party, as well as the formality of your event.  For those having a casual or laid-back patriotic party, choose from red, white and blue invitations, large party buckets of American flags and beer, stars and stripes themes and die-cut party invitations.  For those celebrating a bit more of a formal affair we offer screened American flag designs, layered invitations with vellum overlays and ribbons, watercolor lake scene invitations and firework themed invitations.  For those having a patriotic summer barbecue, we offer family picnic style invitations with table cloth borders, plates of BBQ food or party scenes with friends and family.  We even have ticket stub style invitations that resemble baseball ticket stubs – America’s favorite pastime – which are available in red, silver and blue themes with matching colored envelopes of your choice.

Celebrate our freedom as you walk about today and remember the presidents that have shaped our past…

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