Tangerine Wedding Invitation Inspiration

It’s always exciting to see what the most popular wedding colors will be for the upcoming wedding season every year.  Did you predict this one?  Tangerine is one of the most popular wedding colors you’ll see for 2012 weddings…and believe it or not, it’s a really easy color to coordinate with!  I was surprised in doing some research today at how many weddings have used tangerine as a main or accent color, and how truly beautiful it is!

Some of the most popular color combinations with tangerine that I have found are tangerine & pink, tangerine & yellow or tangerine & aqua.  The below wedding montage will help you visualize just how vibrant your wedding can be by adding a splash of bright color.  Tangerine themed weddings are most popular for spring and summer months, however you could make a gorgeous fall wedding using tangerine with chocolate, red or black.  Use your imagination and make what you dream possible for your big day!

We start our wedding inspiration with a tangerine and pink save the date card which features a vibrant modern design with a hot pink background and tangerine dots to encircle your wedding date.  We follow up the save the date card with a formal wedding invitation from Birchcraft Studios.  This five-paneled invitation features scalloped edges and a light tangerine outer border along with the names of the bride and groom.  The wedding invitation is wrapped with a tangerine striped chiffon ribbon for elegant presentation.  Your invitations include double envelopes and tissue – and a tangerine envelope liner can also be added for a little modern elegance.

For your wedding day, add splashes of tangerine or pink to your wedding day details, from the sash that wraps the brides bodice of her wedding gown, her high heel shoes or a pair of earrings.  Carry a bouquet of tangerine and hot pink Gerber daisies down the aisle will make for a gorgeous bouquet, and you can carry this theme to the boxes for your wedding favors, which can have a daisy on the top (fake or real).  Add a pink or tangerine chiffon sash to each chair to coordinate your wedding reception, and use tangerine linens or flowers as each centerpiece.  Coordinate a traditional white wedding cake with a pink or tangerine silk wrap on each layer, and top the cake with a blooming lily or tropical tangerine flower.  Dress your bridesmaids in tangerine dresses, or split with some bridesmaids in pink dresses and some in tangerine.  Groomsman and the groom can wear black or white tuxes with pink floral boutonnieres.

Feeling inspired?  Take your wedding colors and run with it to create a really special and coordinated look for your big day!

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