Wine Party Invitations

What’s a few bottles of wine between friends?  Wine parties can be swanky, chic, elegant or just what the doctor ordered after a long drawn-out week at work!  There’s nothing better than relaxing the worries of the day away with a glass of wine, and when good conversation, music and great food is involved, you can’t go wrong!

Wine parties are great for those looking for an excuse to gather with friends, but can also work wonderfully for an engagement party, adult birthday party, bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner.  When planning your wine party, have a variety of wines on-hand, from reds to white, depending on your guests individual taste.  Wine tasting parties are great because you can educate your guests on the types of wine they’re trying, and they just might want to even take a bottle home with them!  If you’re doing a tasting, be sure to have plenty of wine crackers on hand and offer cheese or fruit so that everyone is able to safely drive home, and clean their palette between each sip.  You can also ask your friends to bring their own favorite bottle of wine to share.  If you’re having a “stock the bar” party, each guest can bring a bottle of wine or liquor for the bride and groom to be.

Our collection of wine party invitations and wine tasting invitations will help you set the tone for your upcoming classy event, whether wine will be the main dinner accompaniment or perhaps your inviting your guests to a wine tasting.  Choose from modern wine party invitation designs in die-cut shapes of wine bottles, like the one above, or a compilation of different card stocks which create a wine glass motif.  Our elegant wine party invitations feature wine glass motifs, images of grapes and fruit and classy invitation patterns.  For a girl’s wine night, we also have wine bottle invitations, trendy wine glass invitations and swanky bar scenes.  For wine party rehearsal dinner  invitations we offer old Italy scenes which feature barrels of wine outside a wine cellar or an old street view of the Bellagio.

Your wine party is bound to be a pretty swanky event, and there’s no reason why your invitation shouldn’t portray that.  Take a look at some of our favorite wine party invitations and set the bar for your next wine themed event.

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