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Being located in North Carolina, we tend to be considered the start of the southern states.  It amazes me when people call us hicks and rednecks, as most of us are quite classy, thank you very much!  The south has so many traditions and so much history that we take pride in.  Southern themed parties truly embrace our southern heritage, whether you’re celebrating with a western party, a pig pick’n, a southern belle tea party or a Kentucky Derby event.

Yesterday a customer contacted me looking for a white bible party invitation.  It was a brand new party theme to me, and I thus was instantly interested to learn about this old southern party tradition that I had not yet heard of!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find very much information on this fun event, but I felt compelled to share the party idea with our readers, in case you wanted to put a modern twist on an old party tradition.

The customer explained to me that a white bible party is essentially a bridal shower in which everyone comes wearing white gloves and large southern belle hats.  The fun part?  Along with the fancy hats and gloves, you dawn your gaudiest jewelry, blue jeans and a white t-shirt!  I bet this party makes for some great photographs!  At the party, instead of gifts, each guest gives the bride advice for her marriage, some funny, and some serious.  All in all, it sounds like an amazingly fun time with your close girlfriends as you celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials.

If you’re looking for other southern party invitations, browse our tea party invitations which feature posh and classic tea party scenes with women doing what they do best – socializing with their gal pals.  For something a bit more casual, you can browse our western party invitations which will help you bring the heart of the south to your everyday barbecue event.  Choose our denim blue jeans invitations, cowboy boot invitations, couple barbeque invitations, wanted themed invitations or cowboy hat invitations.

Let your southern pride shine with a southern party invitation like one of the fun invitations below…

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