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Timeline for Bridal Shower Invitations

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

So much to do in so little time!  A wedding can be a stressful time, and not just for the bride, but for the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom, as well as their bridal party!  Sometimes it seems like there are so many different events to plan for a wedding, from the beginning stages of wedding planning with your engagement party and the bridal shower to your actual wedding, the rehearsal dinner or maybe even the wedding day brunch!  It can all seem a bit overwhelming at times, and we understand your frustration!

I wanted to bring forward a big misconception I’ve heard from customers lately as they call in a frantic panic for bridal shower invitations that are up to three months away!  I spoke with a mother of the bride this morning who told me that she was told by other members of the wedding party etc. had told her she needed to mail her bridal shower invitations 6-8 weeks before the shower date!  This is SO not the case!

Etiquette must always go along with reason, however the suggested timeline for mailing your bridal shower invitations is 2-4 weeks before the shower date.  Of course, if you have out of town guests or extenuating circumstances, you may wish to send your invitations out before that time, but it’s certainly not a requirement.  So stop pressuring yourself to plan your event 3+ months in advance!  There is plenty of time to plan the perfect bridal shower for the bride-to-be.  And if you’re a little bit late on the game with ordering your bridal shower invitations, spread word about the shower by word-of-mouth and send out your invitations 1-2 weeks before the shower.  Nobody will frown upon you if you’re running a bit behind.  You’re kind and generous just by hosting the shower on your own!  Be sure to ask for the other bridesmaids or bridal party members if you need help, too!  Remember that your wedding invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before your wedding – so maybe that’s where the confusion began regarding when to send out invitations?  Who knows.

Ready to shower the bride-to-be?  Take a breather and browse through our fabulous collection of bridal shower invitations.  You can chose from general bridal shower invitations, around the clock shower invitations, linen and lingerie shower invitations, around the house shower invitations, garden and tool shower invitations, stock the kitchen shower invitations, stock the bar invitations and more!


Anniversary Party Invitations

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  From all of us at, we’d like to wish our lovely customers a very special and happy V-Day, whether you’re coupled up and feeling romantic tonight, single and ready to mingle or maybe even hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party tonight, (hey, it could happen)!    Be sure to shower your loved one with love, chocolates and a teddy bear today, or maybe take a step outside of your comfort zone if you’re single and send a Valentine to your secret crush today… you just never know!

In the spirit of love, I thought it might be appropriate to do an anniversary party blog today, celebrating those who have beat the odds and are still together after 20, 30, 40 or maybe even 50 years!  Just the other day I did an invitation for a customer who was celebrating she and her husband’s 60th wedding anniversary.  How’s that for dedication, passion and love?!  It seems our younger generation has a very cavalier attitude toward marriage these days and we should celebrate those who make it work every day!

Celebrating your anniversary is such a fun and exciting time, not only for you, but for the people in your life, whether it’s your friends, your family or maybe even your children!  The most common celebrated anniversaries are your tenth, twenty-fifth (silver) or your fiftieth (golden).  Our anniversary party invitations will help you celebrate your big day and set the scene for your event.  Our anniversary party invitations feature mature designs that celebrate and showcase how strong and special your love for one another is.  Choose from elegant gold and silver damask patterns, monogrammed invitations, delicate bordered invitations, antique frame invitations, scrolling patterns, shimmering layered cards, colorful pocket invitations with satin ribbons or go casual with a ticket stub invitation with your party as the main event.  You may even want to invite your guests to witness you reaffirm your vows to one another – a very popular event for couples celebrating their anniversary.

Take a look at some of our most popular anniversary invitations below and celebrate your parent’s anniversary  – or maybe even your own!  Congratulations on years of love shared, and many more to come!

Card Stock Upgrades for Invitations

Monday, February 13th, 2012

There’s so many little details that go into your invitations – some you wouldn’t even think about when browsing for your invitations.  As most, what I like to call, “stationery-snobs” know is that all papers have different thicknesses and chemical makeups which make them unique.  We print most of our invitations on white or ivory card stock, but if you pay close attention to each item’s details, you’ll realize we list them by weight in pounds.  Most card stocks are around 100 pounds – to which you may be thinking, how does one invitation weigh 100 pounds?  Truth is, it doesn’t…it’s based on X number of pounds per 500 sheets.  Aah, now it makes sense!

If you’re concerned with paper weight, you want to here on the heavier end of card stock choices.  Anything below 1oo pound is going to be a lighter weight stock.  100 – 110 pound is medium and then 120+ is typically considered heavy.  The heaviest card stock we print invitations on in-house is 130 pound white cover stock.

When placing your invitation order, you may notice that we offer several card stock upgrade options before you get to checkout.  These upgrades do cost additional, but they may help you enhance your invitation in a way you never thought of before…

Recycled Card Stock Invitations – Ready to do your part and reduce your affect on the environment?  We offer a recycled card stock upgrade on most invitations in which the card stock content is made up of recycled stock.  If you’ve made the conscious effort in your life to “go green”, recycled party invitations are for you.  Remember that a recycled card will not be a true white like a normal invitation because of it’s post-consumer recycled content.  You may see bits of fiber and slight imperfections in the card stock.   This card stock upgrade is only done in 100 pound card stock.

Crystal / Quartz Shimmer Card Stock Invitations – Is the honoree all about the bling?  Let her inner diva shine with our shimmer card stock upgrade.  Our shimmer stock is very similar in nature to that of the shimmer in a car paint.  Subtle yet truly striking, it’s our most popular upgraded stock.  Remember, shimmer card stock upgrades look best on party invitations that have a white or very light background.  When you use shimmer card stock on a very dark background card you will not notice the shimmery nature that you’re looking for.  Shimmer card stock is 105 pounds thickness.

Rounded Corners Invitations – Our newest card stock upgrade – rounded corners.  It’s a very simple and easy upgrade, which can really make all the difference when holding your invitations!  It gives your invitation a very homemade look, and looks great in a scrapbook or as a keepsake.  It also makes your invitations stand out against others.  When choosing this upgrade your card’s dimensions will remain the same, however it will have a 0.25 inch radius in each corner.

Remember when ordering your invitations that samples are available before order placement.  If you’re ever concerned about an invitation’s look in person, or the quality of a card – order a sample!!  We can also send samples on upgraded card stocks, upon request!

Display Baby Shower Invitations

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Are you one of those girls who hates opening gifts in front of other people?  After your last baby shower did you feel like you never even had the chance to socialize with your guests?  One of the latest trends in baby showers is what is called a “Display Baby Shower” in which guests bring unwrapped gifts to the shower to display in the background while playing baby shower games, socializing and noshing on treats.  It is meant to “free up” the expecting mommy-to-be so that she can truly mingle with her guests.

Some honorees prefer this type of shower if they want to “go green” and save trees on tons of wrapping paper from fifty or so guests.  Or, it may be that the mommy-to-be has been on bed rest and can’t use her energy for opening a ton of presents.  You may also have a very shy mommy-to-be who doesn’t like to be the center of attention during her shower at all times.  It also takes the pressure off for making sure you thank everyone enough or make the right reaction to a gift.

I did a bit of research on a display shower, as to me the idea seemed a bit impersonal.  But, as the times are changing, so are our milestone events!  After reading columns, blogs and posts about display showers, it sounds like most people are on-board with this new baby shower theme!  Many guests of the shower reported that they really dislike sitting down for two hours watching the mommy-to-be open present after present.  They’d rather socialize with the guest of honor and shower her with love.  Other honorees that had display showers said they loved not having to be the focus of everyone’s attention the entire time.

Be prepared that not everybody will be thrilled with your shower theme – i.e. the more traditional friends and family members that you have.  We all know we come to a baby shower to shower the mommy-to-be with gifts, but asking your guests on your baby shower invitation not to wrap them is still presumptuous, as you are thus assuming everyone is bringing a gift.  Hopefully after they attend your fun-filled baby shower, they will be on board for future display showers!

If you decide to have your own display shower, be sure to hand write baby shower thank you notes to each guest shortly after your baby shower.  As your guests won’t get to see your reaction in-person to their gift, you’ll really want to express your gratitude for the gifts in your note.  As your guests arrive, be sure they have gift tags on their gifts so that the mommy-to-be knows who gave her the gift.  If you notice a guest bringing a gift without a tag, have a few handy to let them fill out and attach to their gift.

Check out some of our display baby shower invitations below and set the scene for your very unique shower!

New Noteworthy Photo Graduation Announcements

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I know what you’re thinking, it’s only February – how can we be thinking about graduation already?  Truth is, graduation season will be here before we know it!  Now’s the time to start searching for the perfect graduation announcements or graduation party invitations to celebrate your son or daughter’s achievements over the past years.  Graduation is such a special time for the graduate, as they come to a fork in the road where one path ends and another begins.  It’s up to the graduate to decide which path they’ll choose in their adult life and we know you want to celebrate this amazing opportunity!

In the coming weeks you’ll notice a plethora of new graduation party essentials to help you celebrate the graduate.  Our vendor, Noteworthy Collections, has introduced a whole slew of new designs for the 2012 graduating class that we know you’ll flip your cap over!  Our most popular graduation announcements and graduation invitations are our photo graduation announcements.  It’s always a great idea to share a photograph of the graduate with friends, family and associates so they can see how much the graduate has grown!  Your child’s school may have taken graduation photos earlier in the school year or you may want to take a few new ones of your own.  Many professional photographers also offer photography packages for graduates, too!  Just make sure that your photographer will give you the rights to the photographs so that we can print them!

Our new photo graduation announcements feature a bit of a more modern look that what you’ve seen in our graduation collection before, which is perfect for the trendy or stylish graduate.  Choose from designs with calligraphic letters, bookplate pinched frames, scrolling floral designs which print over the top of your photo image or announcements that use your photograph as the entire background of the card.  A few of our designs offer double-sided printing so that you can use one side for your photograph and the other for your graduation and graduation party details, (my personal favorite).  Need something a bit more traditional?  We also offer graduation announcements with various color combinations so that you may coordinate your graduation announcement or graduation invitation with your school’s colors.

Check out some of the brand new designs you’ll see in this year’s collection of photo graduation announcements below!

Sweet 16 Party Invitations

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

You only turn 16 once…and if you ask most girls, they STILL remember their sixteenth birthday party and how special it was, even if it’s ten to twenty years later!  It’s when you start becoming more independent, learn to drive, purchase your first car and maybe even receive your first curfew!

As a parent, we know you want to make sure your daughter’s sweet 16 is as special as you remember yours, or…maybe even make it better!  If you’ve ever watched MTV with your kids, you’ve seen the “Sweet 16” show where kids throw the most lavish of parties for their sweet 16.  Now, whether that’s in your budget or your child’s style is up to you, but we’ve piled together a few sweet 16 party ideas to help you plan her perfect Sweet 16!  Start by thinking about your daughter’s style and interests or her favorite activities at school.  Is she sporty, a diva, a cheerleader or dancer or really into music?  Take her favorite pastime and spin it into a party she’ll never forget.

1.  Bling – decorate with diamonds, gold silver – anything shiny and over the top.  Ask your guests to all dress in white or black and then have the birthday girl dress in full color to stand out!

2.  Decades – ask your guests to dress in their best 80’s attire and tailor your music and decorations to her favorite decade

3.  White Chic – ask your guests to dress in white and create an elegant and chic dance party

4.  Karaoke – for the music enthusiast, host your own karaoke party and have everyone come dressed as their favorite superstar and sing one of their songs

5.  Limo Party – have a limo pick up the birthday girl and her guests and drive all over town for makeovers, hair, nails and maybe a trip to the local theatre or mall

6.  Scavenger Hunt – create two to four teams at your party with scavenger hunt lists given to each group.  Take photos doing each of the things on the list to share when you get back.  The first group to get back to the starting point wins!

7.  Masquerade Ball – ask your guests to come dressed in disguise in their favorite mask for a masquerade.  Turn your party Mardi Gras themed and really dress up the room with beads and traditional Mardi Gras flare.

Ready to start planning your own Sweet 16 party?  Set the scene for your event with a Sweet 16 party invitation from our abundant collection!  No matter which theme she’s chosen for her sweet 16, we have the perfect party invitation to set the bar high for her event.  Choose from VIP pass ticket invitations for an exclusive sweet 16 party, car key themed invitations for the girl about to receive her first car, a digital photo party invitation if you want to share a photo of the birthday girl to be, diamond themed invitations for those who need a little extra bling in their lives or a young, fun and chic invitation for the birthday girl keeping her party low key with a few close girlfriends.

Check out some of our newest and favorite sweet 16 invitations below and start planning her dream Sweet 16!


Couple’s Shower Invitations

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We all know the scene of the typical bridal shower…the bride is showered by gifts, bridesmaids and girlfriends as they gush about wedding details, plans for the wedding and the cute gesture the groom made the night before.  The bride spends most of her shower opening gifts and playing ice breaker games.  You might be thinking…well, what about the groom?  Doesn’t he deserve a shower or party before he heads down the aisle, too?

Many bride and grooms today have taken to the idea of a couple’s shower as opposed to the traditional bridal shower, which was held just for the bride-to-be.  A couple’s shower is typically more like a cocktail party, barbecue or dinner party where friends, family and co-workers are invited, female AND male.  Gifts are still given at the shower, however they are more geared to the soon-to-be-married couple, rather than just the bride.  Some guests may even bring gifts that are just for the groom or just for the bride, or one of each.  These types of showers are really great for the bride and groom who have been living together for a while or the inseparable bride and groom, (yes, we know you’re out there), who just don’t want to be celebrating if it’s not with their other half.

Since you’re going a bit off of the traditional path for your couple’s shower, feel free to add a theme into the mix, to make the shower more fun for everyone attending.  Choose an interest of the bride and groom like an 80’s themed shower if the bride and groom grew up in the 80’s, a beach shower if the bride and groom will be wed by the ocean, a board game shower if you want to step your game up, a sports themed shower for the sport fanatic couple or an around the world shower if the couple travels often, or met overseas.

Feel free to have separate activities at your shower if you feel that the men need some “men” things to do, and vice versa for the women at the shower.  If the groom is into sports, have the game on in the back room or set up basketball in the driveway while the women sip cocktails on your patio.  Make it a fun event for everyone to attend and celebrate.

Set the scene for your bridal shower with a unique couple’s shower invitation.  We offer a variety of couple’s styles that feature the bride and groom together along with your couple’s shower theme.  Choose from wedding scenes with the bride and groom, the bride and groom carrying piles of gifts, love bird themes, bride and groom barbecue invitations or bride and groom fiesta themed invitations.  We also offer his and hers shower invitations which is great if you want to give your guests a few ideas for gifts for the bride and groom.  Most invitations feature a “his” side and a “hers” side with gifts for the kitchen, grill, garden or workshop.  Choose one of our ‘looks like me’ invitations or a shower invitation that coordinates with your wedding colors.

Check out some of our fun couple’s bridal shower invitations below and set the scene at your couple’s shower!

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Monday, February 6th, 2012

It’s that loving time of year again!  Just this weekend we were helping the kids decorate their own Valentine’s Day mailboxes for their at-school Valentine’s Day Party, in anticipation of all of the valentines they’ll be receiving.  It made me kind of miss the old days in school where you worked so hard on creating your mailbox and writing your valentines to your classmates.  It was always so much fun opening your valentines to see what you received, too!  Wouldn’t it be fun if you did something like that again?

You can with our collection of Valentine’s Day greeting cards!  Start a new tradition with your family and friends by sending out greeting cards for Valentine’s Day this year and really spread the love!  This is especially great if you forgot to send out holiday greeting cards this past year, as it’s just a few months past the holiday season, and a great time of year to keep in touch with family and friends to let them know how much they’re loved.

Some of our most popular Valentine greeting cards are our digital photo Valentine’s Day greeting cards.  Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a photograph of your love, family or pets on Valentine’s Day.  Our festive and loving collection of greeting cards features fun cliche Valentine’s Day designs of candy conversation hearts, heart patterns, fields of hearts, sweet cupcakes, polka dots, love birds, owls, XO’s, floral patterns and elegant damask patterns in shades of white, pink, hot pink, purple, red and brown.  Upload your photograph(s) to our website when placing your order to choose which photograph coordinates best with your chosen greeting card design.

Need some ideas for a great photograph for your Valentine’s Day photo greeting card?  If you’ve recently been married, you might want to use a photograph from your wedding album to share with family and friends.  If you’ve just had a new baby, share your new found love by using a photograph of your baby or you with your baby.  If you have children, dress them up in their favorite red, white or pink Valentine’s day attire and capture a moment of fun and love with one another.  Or, get the entire gang together for a great family snapshot of everyone in your family – pets too!

Take a look at some of our favorite Valentine’s Day greeting cards below and spread a little love this Valentine’s Day!  Most orders for V-Day greeting cards ship within just 2-3 business days, thus you have just the right amount of time to send them out next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Tea Party Invitations

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Tea for two?  Two for tea?  The very first time we set up our own tea party with our friends, we begin dreaming of what it will be like to be an adult – to sip tea with our friends in fancy dresses and big party hats.  It’s a fun game that I played many times as a child, and one my nieces play on a daily basis, whether they’re inviting their mom to join them, or the teddy bear of the day.

Tea party invitations are some of our most popular themed party invitations, for both children and adults.  They are great for kids birthday party invitations as well as bridal luncheons, bridal teas or get-togethers with your girlfriends, as an adult.

Our kids tea party invitations feature cartoon tea party scenes that appeal to the girly-girls.  They feature pink and purple tea sets with yummy cupcakes and heart decorated china.  We also offer tea cup invitations with fashionable polka dots and little girls dressed up in their ‘tea party best’ as they host their very own tea party.  When hosting a kids tea party, you can use “pretend tea” by serving up hot chocolate instead of an un-sweetened tea.  Or, use an apple cider or kool-aid mix that looks like tea.  Serve small cupcakes and finger foods to reduce mess, and let the kids dress up for the occasion.  Offer dress up clothes, feather boas, big sunglasses, large hats, high heels and pretend makeup.

Our adult tea party invitations feature a bit of a more mature design featuring antique blue and white china like Grandma used to have, watercolor tea table scenes, ladies wearing large summer hats at a tea party and bridal tea scenes with tailored topiary and bridal themed tablescapes.  We also offer a chic tea party invitation with two sophisticated women chatting, for a more intimate tea gathering.  Check your local spa or high-end hotel to see if they offer a tea service, as many of them do offer a four-course tea.  Ask your guests to dress in their best and bring a large hat, should they prefer, and be prepared to relax and enjoy the company of your female friends.

Check out some of our favorite tea party invitations below and set the scene for your sophisticated party…


Moving Announcements

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

One of the most exciting and yet stressful times of anyone’s life, when they decide to move!  Whether it’s a big move across the country or state or a small move a few towns over, we’re sure you’ll be excited of your new pad and want to share the good news with your family and friends…and if nothing else, at least update their address books with your most current contact information.

A moving announcement should be sent just shortly after you have moved to your new residence – think within the first few weeks of moving.  If you forget, you can always send it out a few months after you move.  Your friends and family will want to know about your new pad, so no worries if you’re a little busy with your move for a while.  Plan on sending your moving announcements to family members, close friends, old neighbors or associates you may have become close with at work.  Be sure that you want to share all of the contact information listed on your moving announcement with each person you send the announcement to.

Most moving announcements will include your name, along with any family members names, (or pets names, if you want).  You will then want to inform your reader that you’ve moved and list your new address.  Be sure to include an apartment number or suite number if you have one.  Follow up with your email address and phone number, even if they are not changing.  It’s very convenient for your recipient to have all of your contact details in one location, rather than searching for different pages of an address book or different moving announcements for your most recent information.  If you have a blog or family website, you might want to list that to.

When choosing your moving announcement, choose one that coordinates with your family’s individual style.  If you have a big move, you may want to choose a moving announcement with overstuffed moving boxes, a house scene, a bird’s nest or a skeleton key.  Our more casual moving announcements feature cartoon house scenes, patterned furniture scenes, individual United States themes, moving sign scenes and moving truck scenes.  Care to share a photograph of your new pad with your family standing out front, beside your SOLD sign?  We also offer digital photo moving announcements, which are some of our most popular moving announcements to date.  This is also a great way to share a photo of your new pad with family, especially if they live out of state and won’t be able to visit for a while.

Check out some of our most popular moving announcements below and make your move that much more special with a moving announcement to share with your family and friends – old and new!