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NEW – VG Designs Invitations

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It’s always an exciting day for us when we introduce a brand new vendor to our website!  Our newest vendor, VG Designs, stands for Vickie Gregory Designs, a local vendor and artist whose designs feature a combination of watercolor paintings, marker and colored pencil drawings and acrylic paints.  Each design looks carefully sketched and painted with shaded colors and backgrounds, along with bright eye-catching borders.  They truly create memorable invitations with an artistic touch that can be hard to find with today’s digitalized world.

VG Designs Invitations range from boy birthday party invitations and girl birthday party invitations to summer party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, bridal shower invitations, adult birthday party invitations or floral party invitations.  Each card features a fun party theme with a creative twist.

Check out some of the different invitation categories available for VG Designs Invitations below and get a glimpse of this artistic collection which just hit our website last week!

Kids Birthday Party Invitations – Rev those engines!  VG Designs kids birthday party invitations features all of the things little boys and girls love most.  Their kids collection features monster truck invitations, bounce house invitations, laser tag invitations, construction invitations, car racing invitations, pirate themed invitations, roller skating invitations, bowling party invitations, pizza party invitations, cupcake invitations, dinosaur invitations, rock star invitations, princess invitations, dragon invitations and more!  Let your child’s imagination run wild with one of these kid-tastic invitations!

Bridal Shower Invitations & Rehearsal Dinner Invitations – If one word springs to mind when looking at VG Designs bridal themed invitations, it’s detailed and couture.  From bridal shower invitations to rehearsal dinner invitations and even wedding invitations, the elegance of a wedding is certainly captured.  You’ll see posed brides and bridesmaids in designs like the one on the right along with beach themed wedding invitations, nautical invitations, wedding shoe invitations, family crest necklace invitations and floral invitations.  Each invitation sis extremely detailed and contemporary, but with a bit of a vintage feel.  They also have themed invitations like a chili pepper or Mardi Gras mask, which can be great for themed rehearsal dinner invitations.

Adult Birthday Party Invitations – If you’re hosting a party for your birthday or just a get together with friends, our adult invitation collection has you covered.  Chose from fiesta party invitations, beach party invitations, cocktail party invitations, beer invitations, seafood boil invitations, summer party invitations, bikini invitations, sunflower invitations, juke box invitations, movie party invitations, masquerade invitations and more.


Check out the entire VG Designs Invitations collection at and keep checking back for vendor updates, new products and brand new vendors!