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Camping Invitations

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Can you hear that fire crackling?  Smell the marshmallows roasting?  Got chills from those ghost stories?  Camping out used to be one of my most favorite pastimes as a child, even if we only stayed outside until midnight because we were to scared of the noises in the night.

Camping is a great family activity, and it can also be a great theme for your next kids birthday party!  A camping party is great for boys and girls and can really be a lot of fun for everyone!  Build a large campfire in your backyard and have plenty of long twigs available so that each guest can make their own s’mores treat!  Graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and roasted marshmallows – what could be better?  For dinner the kids can roast their own hot dogs, or you can teach them how to use a fire top grill if your fire is small and make hamburgers.

Set up your backyard campsite with logs for everyone to sit on and plenty of blankets for when it gets cold.  Have each kid tell their own ghost story, and give a prize to the kid who comes up with the scariest tale!  Teach the kids about the stars if it’s a clear night or let the kids run around to catch lightning bugs.  Make sure everyone brings their own sleeping bag and pillow, and be sure to offer bug repellent if it’s mosquito season!  If you have tents available, let the kids cozy up in them at night at bedtime.  In the morning, cook up some fireside flap jacks and cook your syrup over the grill.  It’ll be a morning treat they’ll love.

Set the scene for your camping party with a camping kids birthday party invitation!  Our camping invitations feature kids in camouflage sleeping bags, camping scenes under the stars at night, campsite cartoons, camping lanterns, marshmallows, fishing and camp fires.  If you’re running late on time, we also have camping fill-in invitations and camping fill-in thank you notes with the most adorable campfire and flashlight graphics for your camp themed party.

We also have adult camping invitations for those of us who just haven’t grown out of the outdoor stage.  These camping invitations make for a great theme for a guy’s night, an adult birthday party for him or a bachelor party out in the wilderness.  Plan on fishing for dinner and add some beer into the mix and you’ve got the recipe for a fun night out with your best friends in the woods.

Check out our fun camping invitations below and light a fire next time you plan a party!