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Construction Party Invitations

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Calling all builders, big and small!  Kids construction parties are a growing trend for kids right now, which easily fits into a party theme for toddlers through grade school kids.  If you’re little foreman loves construction and digging in the dirt, this party theme is definitely for you!

Set the scene for your construction party with a construction party invitation that screams that this party is under construction!  Choose from dump truck invitations, construction site invitations, tractor pull invitations, track hoe invitations, man hole invitations and more!  We even have digital photo construction invitations if you want to feature a picture of your little workman!  Choose from VG Designs invitations, Noteworthy Collections invitations and Inviting Company invitations for a variety of styles for boy birthday invitations.

To set the scene for your child’s construction party, create your own “Road Work”, “Under Construction” and “Detour” signs with orange and white construction paper or poster board and line your driveway to direct your guests to your door.  Wrap your door in “Caution” tape for a construction themed party entrance.  Put a “Construction – Next 5 miles” sign inside the door.  Create your own ‘unloading station’ or a ‘dump zone’ for presents as your guests arrive.  For activities, create different’ work zones’ and craft stations to create your own hard hat, build your own building out of Popsicle sticks or a sandbox out back to move all the dirt you can imagine!  Create some fun games for your guests by separating the kids into teams that have to build their own bridges and roadways out of legos or blocks and then race a dump truck down the road at the end to see who will win.

For party food, create your own iconic ‘lunch pail’ boxes for each kid with snacks or a juice box inside.  Take a (clean) kids plastic dump truck and fill the back with chips and the front with dip.  Serve up some cake and ice cream in the shape of your child’s favorite construction truck or create a “Dirt” cake which is covered in Oreo dirt and put a candy dump truck on top!  For favors, let the kids keep their hard hats or hand out small excavator toys as the kids head out.

Check out some of our fun kids construction themed party invitations below and get ready for a party in the danger zone!