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Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Vintage. Representing the high quality of a past time, the best of its kind, old-fashioned.

It used to be that hearing the word vintage meant ‘of another time period’ and to some, the word may have seemed out of date or unappealing in the fashion world.  A local bride and I discussed just last week how ‘vintage’ is the new ‘contemporary’ in the wedding and fashion world.  Look around you, at how many of the ‘new trends’ are takes on trends from the past, or old trends brought back to life.  It was bell-bottom jeans a few years ago and now it’s the skinny jean and short jacket style coming back into play.  You never know when old styles will come back into style.

In the wedding world, vintage themed dresses, decor and accents are in full trend right now.  The new modern is the old vintage lace, intricate bead work, careful artistry and delicate patterns that we once marveled over years ago.  Your grandmother’s old wedding gown with the beaded boddice or lace sleeves, which you declared ‘of the time’ years ago could now be the inspiration for your own wedding gown.

Our team designers and vendors closely monitor trends in the wedding world, and have compiled some brand new styles for vintage bridal shower invitations.  They are simple, elegant and truly gorgeous to look at.  Vintage bridal shower invitations give off an essence of timeless elegance and class, celebrating the delicate nature and importance of love…the whole meaning behind your big day!  For those hosting a simple bridal shower or a formal bridal shower or tea, a vintage bridal shower invitation may be the perfect choice for you!

Choose from ivory or white stock invitations with brides wearing vintage white, ivory or beaded gowns or holding flowers, lace bridal gowns, antique damask pattern borders, brides posing in vintage couture gowns, old fashioned feather high heeled shoes and many more.  Our favorite designs are from collections from Bonnie Marcus & Co., VG Designs and Noteworthy Collections, to name a few.

Check out some of our favorite vintage wedding shower invitation designs below and take a step back as you marvel over these beautiful invitations, and celebrate the true meaning of your event – classic love.