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New Crawfish Boil Invitations

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

It’s time to spice things up around here!  Grab the butter, grab the salt, add a little hot sauce and a huge appetite, and you’ve got a recipe for a party!  Crawfish boil parties all the rage right now, and I keep hoping that I’ll be invited to one this year!

The crawfish boil is a southern tradition which stems from Louisiana and southern Texas and celebrates Cajun music and culture.  Crawfish boils are typically held by churches or organizations that need a lot of food to feed a lot of people!  They also work great for rehearsal dinners and large adult birthday parties held throughout April, May and June every year.  With April just around the corner, it seems like a great time to choose this party theme for your next big bash!  Crawfish boils are actually a very affordable meal choice for a large party, too!  Prices can range from just $0.99 per pound – $1.50 per pound this time of year.

What to expect at a crawfish boil?  The crawfish are typically cooked in a huge pot with a strainer, which is all heated by propane.  Make sure you have a big open area outside to boil your crawdads!  Season your boil with cayenne pepper to keep things hot, lemon, salt, basil and crab boil seasoning.  Most crawfish boilers will also serve up corn on the cob, potatoes, onion and garlic with their boil.  Cover each picnic table outside in newspaper and amaze your guests as you dump the feast directly onto the table in front of them and invite them to feast.  Make sure plenty of hot sauce, butter and lemons are available – oh, and don’t forget the beer!   You’ll need something to cool your mouth off from all of that spicy food.

Ready to set the scene for your crawfish boil?  Our newest crawfish boil invitations will bring the spice to your party with escaping cartoon crawfish crawling right out of the pot and runaway crawfish crawling over your picnic table!  We also have classic crawfish boil invitations which feature delicate watercolor designs of crawfish steaming in a pot or hugging your beer at the table.  Make things a bit rustic with our woodgrain background low country boil invitations or make your guests hungry with a sizzling crawfish boil grill invitation.

Use a crawfish boil theme for your next event whether it’s a big birthday party, a corporate event, your rehearsal dinner, a church gathering or simply just an excuse to get together with the best of family and friends.  Spice things up with one of our fun crawfish boil invitations below…