VIP & Red Carpet Party Invitations

Everybody nowadays either loves or loves to hate Hollywood.  The glitz, the glamour, the fame, the paparazzi – it’s all a part of this ‘reality’ world that looks nothing like our own, however our kids, (and maybe we personally), are obsessed with it!  From the Housewives of Beverly Hills to the Kardashians to stars like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie or Snooki, we’ve quickly learned that no publicity is bad publicity!

So what does it take to become a part of this world, even if it’s just for the evening?  Let your child be a star for a day with a red carpet or Hollywood themed party, where they’re the guest of honor!  Make it a VIP event that none of her friends will want to miss!  This is perfect for kids birthday parties and sweet sixteen parties.

Spread the word about your event just like the tabloids by sending out red carpet invitations to your guests a few weeks before the party.  Give details about the event, as well as an indication as to the formality of the event, so that your guests are aware of the proper attire.  You may want to have a black and white theme and then have the honoree come in a vibrant pop of color, so that she stands out from the crowd.  Our red carpet invitations feature red carpet ticket stub invitations, disco ball dancing invitations, theatre red carpet scenes and opening night invitations.  We also have VIP pass invitations with lanyards so that your guests are sure to know that this is an invitation to an exclusive party!  Purchase VIP pass invitations for everyone and require them for entry, or buy a small amount for only the VIP guests attending the party, so that her closest friends can have a special entrance and dancing area at the event.

When planning your event, check with the venue to see if they have a red carpet available for the outside of the location or club.  If not, you can likely purchase a red carpet runner from a party store at a fairly affordable price.  As each guest arrives, have someone open the car door for the guest and walk them onto the red carpet.  You can hire a photographer, or ask fellow parents to stand in as paparazzi to snap photos from the red carpet.  Have one older sibling with a microphone on the red carpet to act as an interviewer from “E” as the guests arrive.  Once through the red carpet, each guest can submit their VIP pass for entry and head into the venue to wait for the birthday honoree to arrive.

Have plenty of mocktails like sparkling cider or grape juice or soda for your guests, as well as mini hors d’oeuvres to snack on.  Unless you will be hosting dinner, keep the food light as everyone will likely be dressed up and not have time to sit down to eat a full course meal.  At the party play the kids favorite music and maybe even have a local band play.  As your guests leave your event at the end of the night, send each guest home with a gift bag filled with candy, party favors, lip gloss, a photo of the honoree and a card with a website telling them where they can view photos from the paparazzi that night.

Ready to host your own VIP party?  Check out some of our glamorous sweet sixteen party invitations below and set the scene for your next red carpet event!  You never know, Perez could be talking about you the next morning!

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