Long Distance Bridal Shower Invitations

It’s always very exciting when a customer stumps me with a wedding inquiry, and today was just one of the days!  I was questioned about wording and etiquette for a long distance bridal shower invitation, and to be honest, it was something that I hadn’t heard of anyone doing before, however I had heard of these types of showers.

So what did I find?  A long distance bridal shower is one in which a situation arises where the bride lives very far from her friends, family members – anyone who would normally be invited to the shower.  She may only be coming to town during the week of her wedding, which may make it very hard for her bridal party to host a shower for her, or short notice to expect people to attend.  It may be out of the bride’s budget to fly home for her shower, too – especially if she will be traveling for her wedding and honeymoon.  And if she had to bring gifts along back with her…sometimes it’s just too much.

The thought behind a long distance bridal shower is that an invitation is sent to all guests to help shower the bride.  Guests can send gifts, gift cards or greeting cards to the bride in lieu of their presence at the shower.  Some guests may have a “skype shower” in which one bridesmaid/host collects all of the gifts for the bride prior to the shower.  She then presents them to the bride over skype and the bride opens them for all to watch from home.  This way you still get the personal interaction of the shower, and get to see the bride open her gifts.

Truly an interesting type of shower, I was curious to see what the feedback was on this type of event.  The results were like I expected, and unfortunately were not very favorable.  Most guests took it as a way of ‘soliciting for gifts’ or money rather than a way to shower the bride from afar.  Many felt offended that the bride would consider it an ‘inconvenience’ to have to take gifts home with her.  Also, if you have an older generation attending the shower, they might not be able to join via Skype or may not be familiar with today’s modern bridal shower ideas.  The alternate suggestion for the bride living afar would be to have a small shower in your hometown with family and close friends, even if it only ends up being ten guests.  Invite everyone you normally would invite, leaving traveling out of it.  If a guest decides they cannot attend and wish to send a gift anyway, let them choose to send a gift at their own will, and the bridesmaids or mother of the bride can provide a mailing address as to where to send any cards, well wishes, gifts or gift cards.  To me this sounded like the best happy medium for everyone.

Check out some of our fun long distance bridal shower invitation suggestions below, too.  We have a lot of travel and destination themed invitations which would make for a great long distance bridal shower invitation.  Choose from state themed invitations, passport invitations and city invitations that represent the bride’s home state, city or country.  We also have airplane themed invitations and passport stamp invitations.  Whichever you choose, choose one that best reflects the personality of the bride.  Or, if the bridesmaids are hosting, you can also choose a bride and bridesmaids invitation to set the scene.  If you’re hosting a long distance bridal shower, send us your feedback on how your event was a success and what you did to make it special for the bride and her guests!

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