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2012 Graduation Invitations

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Has senior-itis set in yet?  It’s almost the end of March, which means for many, graduation is just a couple of months, or less, away!  It can seem like a long ways away at times, with so many projects, final papers and presentations due, but truth be told, your graduation will be here before you know it!  Just a few more months and you’ll have your diploma or certification in hand.

The graduation inquiries are quickly pouring in to our customer service department, and I felt it appropriate today to share with you all of the great options we have for graduation invitations and graduation announcements!  Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, grad school or a specialized school, we have you covered with the most trendy invitations and announcements around.  Choose from digital photo cards, school colors, cap and gown invitations or career specific designs for lawyers, medical doctors and dentists.

When shopping for your graduation invitations, we realize that with so many designs, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Our graduation section is broken up into a variety of categories to help you narrow down your search.  Check out some of our most popular graduation announcements & invitations below…

Graduation Photo Cards – Truly one of our most popular types of graduation cards, photo graduation cards are a great way to share the news of the graduate’s graduation, as well as send a photograph to commemorate the event.  If you’ve had senior pictures taken you can use one of those photographs, choose a photo from graduation night or a photograph from senior year.  Our online ordering system allows you to upload your digital photograph to our website and swap out different photographs to see which one works best.  Be sure to make sure you own the rights to your photograph, though!  Remember, high resolution photographs usually work best – no cell phone pics, please, as we want your photo to look as great as you do!  Use your photo graduation card for a graduation invitation or announcement.

Class of 2012 Graduation Invitations – The one thing I remember most when in my last year of school was how proud I was of my graduation class year.  You’ve counted down many years to get to 2012, and we know you’re ready to wear it proud!  Our class of 2012 invitations feature a variety of designs that revolve around the year 2012 as well as showcase your favorite colors, school colors or a fun print design.  Pair your graduation details with a 2012 peace sign or animal print.  Add a photo and double your class of ’12 invitations as an announcement and a graduation invitation.  This entire collection was made just for you – the 2012 grad!

Med School, Dental School & Law School Graduation Invitations – If you’ve graduated from a higher institution, you know that it was a lot to get through high school and college.  This collection of invites is for those who have continued their education for years upon years to help others in their brand new profession.  After your years of studying, be sure to send a graduation announcement or invitation when you graduate from med school, law school or dental school.  Each section of invitations features graduation invitations made specifically for your profession featuring iconic profession symbols like the caduceus, stethoscope, teeth, dental instruments, books, scale of justice and more.  Announce your graduation and also invite your guests to celebrate.  It’s a great way to commence your graduation, and begin networking!


Ready for graduation to be here?  Shop now for the perfect graduation invitations and graduation announcements to make your day special!