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Man Shower Invitations

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Let’s face it – a ‘guy’s-guy’ wouldn’t be caught dead at a baby shower – all this talk about booties, bottles and onesies.  Playing games like Baby Bingo or guessing which candy is in the dirty diaper…no thanks!

My co-worker and I stumbled upon an article posted last summer about the latest trend for daddys-to-be, which is hosting a ‘man shower’ in his honor.  Also known as a dadchelor party or a forefather party, this party is essentially a shower for the daddy-to-be, without all of that mushy and cutesy baby stuff tacked on.  Afterall, why is it fair that the mother-to-be is the only part of the twosome that is showered?

A man shower is similar to a bachelor party before marriage, however is not as crazy or ‘Vegas’ as a bachelor party.  A man shower features all of the daddy-to-be’s guy friends gathering for one last night out with the guys before his baby arrives, and his entire life changes.  It’s more about starting a ritual to celebrate the great things to come with his new arrival, and an end to his nights as a single family member.  When you go from a single man to a married man, not much changes in the long run.  However adding a child in the mix truly changes your life forever.

Set the tone for your man shower with a man shower invitation to set the scene for your night, whether you’ll be going out to dinner with friends, hitting up the local pub or spending the day out on the green golfing with the guys.  Let the guys who are already parents give you advice on being a dad and let the guys who aren’t dads yet learn about what could be down the road for them.  The guys can bring you gifts for the new baby if they wish – or just ask everyone to chip in on a gift card to Babies R Us, or contribute with a pack of diapers.

Choose a dadchelor shower invitation that coordinates with your theme, from sports invitations to beer invitations, ticket invitations, fishing invitations, golf invitations, casino invitations, barbecue invitations or cocktail party invitations.  Check out some of our favorite invitations below and be creative and unique in showering the daddy-to-be with a man baby shower!  No baby voices, pretend diaper changing contests or mini-foods allowed – just a great time with great friends and a few drinks allowed!