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Taking High-Res Digital Photos for Photo Invitations

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

For most of us, nowadays when we go to take a photograph we quickly grab our digital cameras or cell phones and don’t even think about the quality of the photo we’re taking.  I have to admit, since I’ve had my iPhone, my digital camera has even started collecting dust now!  It’s so easy to just snap a photo, I never even think about my camera.

One of the largest trends for party invitations and graduation announcements is digital photo cards.  It’s a great way to share your party details with your guests and provide them with a photo keepsake or memory to commemorate the big day ahead.  If you plan on choosing a digital photo card for your next event, it’s important to make sure the photograph you’re submitting is of good quality, or high-resolution, so that you can make sure that your photo looks crisp and clear when it is printed.  Nobody wants an over-exposed, grainy or pixelated image when printed.

To take a great digital photograph, familiarize yourself with your digital camera.  There are all different functions available to you that can alter your resolution and photo image.  Set your resolution BEFORE taking your photograph.  Your default photo resolution may be at 96 dots per inch, which honestly is great for memory and storage, but horrible for photo quality.  Set your resolution to 300 dots per inch (DPI) minimum.  The higher the resolution you choose, the better your photo will look, and the larger it will be.  We always tell customers, the bigger the better when submitting photos.  It is much easier to scale a photo down then make a small photo larger.  Remember that if you have taken your photograph at a low resolution, you cannot make it a higher resolution photograph after the image is snapped.  It will make your image larger by size, however the resolution will stay the same, thus producing a very poor quality image.  Change your settings before you snap your photos.

If you are using a professional photographer to take pictures for you, be sure to talk to your photographer about obtaining digital images for your own use.  Go over copyright laws with your photographer so that you are aware of which photos you have rights to, or don’t have rights to.  We can only print photographs to which either you have taken, or you own the rights to.  If you’re not sure if you own the rights to the photograph, contact your photographer and they can likely give you a release form if necessary.

Have a great photograph of you or your children that you’re just dying to share?!  Remember that digital photo cards are offered for almost any event you can think of.  From birth announcements to kids birthday party invitations, adult birthday party invitations, graduation invitations, save the date cards and more!