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Kentucky Derby Invitations

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Looking for a unique themed party to host within the next few weeks?  Prepare for a run for the roses with a Kentucky Derby themed party that will have your guests racing to the finish line to attend your party!

The Kentucky Derby is the United States oldest Thoroughbred horse race, which annually makes it the most popular race of the year.  It has been called the fastest two minutes in sports and is well known for the blanket of 554 red roses awarded to the of the Kentucky Derby annually.  The Derby is held on the first Saturday in May which ends a two week long festival.  The race is surprising  only one and a quarter mile long, which makes it a perfect event for guests to watch at your next party.

Create a fun atmosphere for your Derby themed party by serving up a Mint Julep to your guests as they arrive.  This traditional Kentucky Derby drink is made of ice, bourbon, mint and sugar syrup which offers a cool and refreshing drink after a long and hot day out at the races.  For dinner, serve up a traditional Kentucky Derby burgoo stew made of beef, vegetables, chicken and pork.  Ask your guests to arrive in traditional “Derby attire” with women in obnoxiously large hats, gloves, large accessories and summer dresses.  Men can don their best suits with flashy ties, boutonnieres or a top hat.  Make it a fun event for everyone to attend, and be sure to take plenty of photos to share afterwards.

Set the scene for your event with one of our Kentucky Derby party invitations.  Choose from mint julep invitations, Derby fans invitations with men and women dressed for the occasion and horse race themed invitations if you’re excited for a little competition.  We also offer ticket stub invitations for those who want to make their guests feel like they’re really attending the race in Kentucky.  Check out some of our favorite Kentucky Derby invitations below and set the scene for your unique party.  Perfect for adult birthday parties, corporate parties or just an excuse to get together with family and friends!