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Monogrammed Stationery Etiquette

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Having your monogrammed initials printed on your stationery is one of the most traditional stationery practices in the stationery world.  Your grandmother likely had monogrammed social stationery, as did her grandmother and so on.  The monogram’s timeless presence is marked by elegance, class, style and sophistication, which is portrayed to the recipient of your social stationery letter.

The most traditional monogram was a three-letter style, which contained your first, middle and last name initials.  In more modern times, it has become customary to do a single letter monogram, or a three-letter “married” monogram with your initials, along with your spouse’s initials.  For someone using a monogrammed initial for the first time, it may seem a bit confusing as to how your initials should be displayed.  Follow the below guide when you purchase your next set of monogrammed stationery.

Three Letter Monogram (all text same size) – If you want all of your monogrammed letters to be the same size, the order of your initials would be your first name initial, middle name initial and then last name initial.

Example: Mary Hannah Smith would be MHS

Three Letter Monogram (middle initial largest) – If you want the middle initial largest for your monogram, your initials will be a bit out of order.  You want your last name initial to stand out.  The order order of initials will be first name initial, last name initial, middle name initial.

Example: Mary Hannah Smith would be mSh

Married Monogram (three letters) – The style of a married monogram would follow the three letter monogram with the middle initial largest, however it will combine both names of the married couple.  The order of initials will be the wife’s first initial, last name initial and then the husband’s first name initial.  Be sure to only use this type of monogram if you are married.  Engaged couples should not use this type of monogram until after their wedding day.

Example: Mary & George Smith would be mSg

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